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Thursday, Oct 16, 2014

By Amber Ryland

William H. Macy exclusively told Dish Nation that he and his ‘Wild Hogs’ co-stars would love to reunite for a ‘Wild Hogs 2.’

In fact, while chatting with Dish at the Eva Longoria Foundation dinner on Oct. 9 at Beso in Hollywood, the ‘Shameless’ star said Tim Allen brought up a sequel to the 2007 adventure comedy and they pitched to Marisa Tomei who said she’s do it — but it’s John Travolta they have to convince.

“Wild Hogs 2? I really want there to be! I was just talking to Tim about it. And I saw Marisa Tomei, I said, ‘Let’s do it!’ They both burst into tears,” Macy dished.

“They really want to do it too. We gotta talk to John. That would be so cool. I’m not too old am I?”

Longoria’s foundation seeks to empower Latinas to reach their potential through education and entrepreneurship, and the actress always holds a dinner during Hispanic American Heritage Month.

“It’s really the soul of who I am,” Longoria told Dish Nation of being Latina. “I find everything about our community, the most beautiful things about the Latino community come from the women, and it just makes me really proud.”

‘Devious Maids’ star Ana Ortiz sang Lorgoria’s praises, along with other Latina pioneers she looked up to while growing up.

“Gloria Estefan for sure. I mean, I think for me as a child it was always Rita Moreno, it was always Chita Rivera. And just knowing that those women were doing everything…and they were dancing and they were singing and they were acting their tushies off and just being these incredibly talented, powerful women, not only on screen but on stage,” Ortiz said.

“And all of that, and then someone like Eva or Rosie Perez. Watching her as a Fly Girl and seeing her in ‘Do the Right Thing’, just like really groundbreaking stuff. So those are definitely the pioneers I look up to.”

Perez continues to make her mark, joining the ladies of ‘The View’ as one of their new co-hosts this season.

“I’m obsessed. I can’t get enough of it. I love it!” Ortiz said of Perez on the daytime talk show. “I think she’s so honest, she’s so real, she’s such a breath of fresh air and people get to really see a side of her that they haven’t seen before.”

‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Diane Guerrero told Dish some of her favorite things about being a Latina.

“I feel like being able to speak two languages, or to understand my culture and it’s so different…I feel like I have two homes, two identities, but they all kind of mesh together perfectly, and that’s what I really appreciate about my heritage,” she said.

“I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t Latina!”

Before marrying Felicity Huffman in 1997, Macy said he dated a few Latinas.

“I can’t generalize and say, ‘Boy, were they fiery girlfriends!’ because some of them were good, one of them hated my guts…I had some great times,” he joked.

“Okay, I can say this — they all knew how to dance really well. Lots of different dancing, well maybe it’s because I’m a slug that I think that.”

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