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Thursday, Dec 24, 2020

The holidays can get a little stressful so we’re here to help ease some of that burden with some fashion suggestions.

No matter which family role you fill we’ve found the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you!


The Single Uncle

Your grandma will be so offended by this sweater made for two she’ll forget to ask you when you’re finally going to settle down. Also, while this is definitely not a pandemic friendly look, we suggest you buy it now and spend the next year looking for your ugly-Christmas-sweater-better-half. No more single uncle status for you!


The Sulky Teen

We get it, you’re 15 and you don’t want to be around your family!  Newsflash, we’re not having a ton of fun spending time with you lately either…but it’s the holidays so you better put that phone down and listen to your great uncle Lester tell the same story for the 500th time. Yes, this sweater is a little sassy and that’s fine…but don’t push it young lady.


The Golden Child

You’re the attractive and wealthy doctor who wins marathons and spends your free time volunteering…obviously your ugly sweater would still be business professional. Don’t spill, it’s dry clean only! Oh and remember…we all hate you.


The Newlyweds

Ah, love…you’re in it and we’re happy for you…really we are! The first Christmas after you’re married is exciting and we want you to shout it from the rooftops*.

*You are allowed ONE holiday season of this cutesy crap. If you try and show up coordinated and obsessed with each other next year too…you’ll be asked to leave the premises.


The Crafty Aunt

“Why buy it when I can make it?” Oh dear crafty aunt…obviously your ugly Christmas sweater is going to be handmade and over-the-top. Also, we LOVE all of the scarves, pot holders, and tissue covers you’ve knitted us over the years but we’d hate to see you go to that much trouble again! This year maybe we just stick with a Visa gift card?


The Head Of The Table

You are the man or woman of the house so you don’t need a gimmicky ugly Christmas sweater! You run a tight ship and if anyone so much as looks at the holiday ham with intentions of carving into it before you’re ready, it’ll be the last holiday ham they ever see. You carve the meat. No if’s and’s or pork butts about it!




So, which ugly Christmas sweater are you gonna rock this year?

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