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Sunday, Jan 17, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


In a world full of celebrity rivalries, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a full-blown Twitter war. Whether it be a low-key subtweet or straight up calling someone out, watching your favorite celebrities publicly go at each other is some of the best entertainment around.

Some stars remain on the sidelines, while others seem to find themselves partaking in the online wars way more than they should. (Ahem… Nicki.)

Take a look at some of the most memorable Twitter feuds!


1.) Zayn Malik vs. Calvin Harris

After Zayn posted a retweet throwing MAJOR shade at Calvin’s “money-hungry” beau, Taylor Swift, Harris WENT IN on the former One Direction band member.


But Zayn didn’t just let it slide. He certainly fired back.



Calm it, boys!


2.) Steph Curry vs. The Entire World

Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, went on a Twitter rant about not having to bare all her skin to impress a man. For SOME reason the entire Twitter-verse did not take well to her comments and began completely bashing her! But have no fear, her basketball-playing hubby publicly defended her saying,


“…Thought twitter was for expressing opinions.”


And rightfully so!



3.) Omarion vs. The Grammys

Omarion recently decided that it just WASN’T RIGHT for the Grammys to not honor him with a nomination for the upcoming ceremony. So much so, that he even took to Twitter to voice his anger and disagreement.




Maybe next year?


Reality TV Gifs
Reality TV Gifs


4.) Future vs. Ciara

All he wants to do is see his kid! Future and Ciara have a baby together, baby Future, and allegedly Ciara is not letting Father and Son spend time together. EVEN THOUGH HE’S PAYING HER $15,000 A MONTH IN CHILD SUPPORT!

Check out his rant here…



He also claimed that Ciara is “out of control” before taking that tweet down. But he left the others… hmm. Either way you cut it, looks like Ciara is the bad guy in this situation.


5.) Khloe Kardashian vs. Amber Rose

You can NOT even think of Twitter wars without this feud coming to mind. In fact it was borderline World War III. Amber Rose had some choice words for Tyga and his new found love, Kylie, early last year. Rose was doing an interview on “The Breakfast Club” when she completely dissed Kylie’s age by making a “bedtime” comment and basically shading ALL OVER their relationship. But no worries, big sister Khloe jumped in and let Rose have it. Check it out.




Amber then went on to share some memes generated by fans online, thinking she had stumped the popular television. But can anyone ever win in a war against the A-List reality family? We’re going to vote no.


6.) Zayn Malik vs. Louis Tomlinson

Shortly after Zayn announced his departure from the band, things POPPED OFF between he and Louis Tomlinson on Twitter.


Jeeze, boys. Simmer down!


7.) Nicki Minaj vs. Taylor Swift

Shortly after the nominations were announced for the last MTV VMA ceremony, Nicki Minaj found herself on Twitter letting ALL her feelings fly. 

Nicki felt that she didn’t receive a nomination for things that Taylor DID receive nominations for. Taylor wasted zero time seeing Nicki’s shade before the two had an exchange. They did work it out quite quickly… could this have all been a PR stunt for the awards show? Hmmmmmm…..



Even Piers Morgan found it necessary to put his nose in the ladies business…



8.) Nicki Minaj vs. Farrah Abraham

Nicki Minaj was watching a recent episode of Teen Mom OG when she felt the need to let Farrah know, “HEY you treat your Mom like crap!”

Farrah obviously didn’t take it well, even though Nicki was totally right, and came back firing shots. Needless to say, Nicki won. Again.



Nothing like pointing out a grammatical error to shut someone up.

Do you take your beef to Twitter feeds? Let us know!


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