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Friday, Dec 26, 2014
Getty Images
Getty Images

By Amber Ryland


Songbird Taylor Swift has been EVERYWHERE this year which has the “Shake It Off” singer worried that she’s oversaturating the market, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

Rolling Stone cover? Check. The Voice mentor? Check. Movie role in The Giver? Check. MTV Video Music Awards performance? Check. Appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Check. First ever recipient of the Dick Clark Award for Excellence at the American Music Awards? Check. Nearly unrecognizable photo shoot with Wonderland magazine? Check. Being named the “Global Welcome Ambassador” for New York City? Check.

The list goes on and on, not to mention her first official pop album release with “1989” that has already spawned hits like “Shake It Off”, “Blank Space” and “Out of the Woods.”

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“She’s soaking it all in and loving every moment, but is also worried it could all disappear at the drop of a hat,” a source close to Swift told Dish.

“She knows how the business works; any publicity is good publicity. But she also knows too much exposure can turn people off.”

According to the insider, Swift, 25, knows she has the talent to be a lasting figure in the entertainment industry — but she also knows how quickly the public can change their tune.

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“Taylor feels she’s walking a fine line right now with all her exposure,” the source continued.

“It wouldn’t be surprising if in the new year, or maybe after her 2015 tour, she really takes a step back from everything. The goal is to disappear for a bit while working on a new album so it generates a want from the public for more of you — and Taylor knows that.”

The insider tells Dish that Swift has a real fear of people turning on her.

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“Nobody likes to be hated and Taylor is no different. She can’t help but care what people think of her and she wants to remain liked!” the source dished.

“Taylor is building an empire. Not some five-year, blink of the eye career where she’s forgotten in 10 years.”

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