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Friday, Jul 28, 2017
Getty Images

By Jon Boon

Are Steph Curry and LeBron James ready to make peace – for the sake of art?

Well, movie bosses hope so after seeing the Golden State Warriors 3-point wizard’s acting debut in Ballers. 

Steph, 29, showed off his acting chops opposite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the hit HBO show, and showed he wasn’t out of place on the Mark Wahlbergproduced sports drama.

Just like he did in the NBA Finals, Steph took center stage alongside wife Ayesha Curry and it’s got studio producers thinking: Can they pair him and LeBron, 32, together on the big screen?

The two haven’t exactly been the best of pals off the court, but Dish Nation has EXCLUSIVELY learned that several independent movie production company chiefs believe that the pair could make the perfect double-act on the screen. 

Either they could be rivals in a sports drama or even team up for a comedy! 

“Steph was a sensation on Ballers, even if he appeared as himself, and it’s got Hollywood talking,” a source tells Dish Nation. 

“Movie producers and studios were  impressed by his natural presence on the small screen and are confident he can transfer that to the big screen. For that reason, they’re ready to flood him with offers for leading roles, just like his NBA counterpart LeBron James, who is the darling of the studios now. In Steph they know he’s got the swagger, the good looks and the popularity to sell a movie and be a leading man.”

With all that said and done, who do they see as Steph’s perfect co-star? None other than his Cleveland Cavaliers rival, LeBron! 

“Now, movie studios are dreaming that LeBron and Steph could be the perfect double-act, and want to pair them together,” the source continued. “They feel if the two could put their sporting rivalry aside, they’d be box office gold and could work on a number of comedy movies in the future. Marketing teams could use their rivalry as great PR for a film where they are screen rivals; there is a fear it might be a big ask to get two of the world’s biggest rivals to join forces, yet they still have that dream. It certainly may be the first timLeBron and Steph would be on the same team, but it could be a huge money-spinner for all concerned.”

From a business perspective, the two NBA giants could be a cinematic money spinning gold dust like teaming “Arnie with Sly in their heyday.”

It could also pave the way for a movie career long after they stop throwing hoops.

As well as appearing on Ballers, Steph has also appeared on The Simpsons and Family Guy, again, as himself. 

LeBron’s acting talents stretched to a hilarious cameo in Amy Schumer‘s Trainwreck. 

He’s also signed on to step into Michael Jordan‘s shoes by starring in Space Jam 2, which finally got announced this year. 

While there is no confirmation, another LA movie industry source said:

“Could it be that Steph joins LeBron in the Space Jam sequel? “



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