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Wednesday, Aug 19, 2015

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Mel B (Melanie Brown) and Mel C ​(Melanie Chisholm) are desperately planning ​a ​”final push”​ in the next month​ to convince ​Victoria Beckham to return to the Spice Girls.

​An insider exclusively tells Dish Nation that Mel B is at the forefront of a hard push for the Spice Girls ​to reunite​ for their 20th anniversary next year and while Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell​ ​are committed to the comeback — they have yet to convince Posh to get on board.

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“Mel is not planning on taking no for an answer from Victoria anymore. For years she has publicly and privately laughed off the notion of a comeback especially after the Olympics. But now Mel has told the other girls that this is a ​’​one more ​show and done ‘ type deal,” a source close to the America’s Got Talent judge revealed.

“This anniversary is realistically the last chance for them to go out as girls. Mel B and C are the driving force, and have tasked the other girls to keep on it with Posh.”

The four have united to persuade Victoria to even attend the opening night of a small reunion tour, which may be centered at Wembley Stadium.

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Behind closed doors the Spice Girls have been tabled around ​$​30 million for a short tour, movie documentary and Greatest Hits package. However, a one-time Wembley reunion would be the most likely that Posh would appear in.

“One tactic is to say that this would allow Harper the opportunity to see her mom on stage. Victoria has said that she would be interested in doing a documentary about their careers covering everything from the beginning to the Olympics, but singing is not an option,” the insider added.

“But both of the Mels feel they can change her mind.”

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The source went on to say, “A tour is on the table, but Mel really thinks that a Spice Day at Wembley featuring a host of 1990s bands and then with the Spice Girls headlining is the way to go. That way the girls don’t have to tour, can make money from DVDs, pay per views and Greatest Hits.”

The profits alone are worth it.

“It would easily generate ​$3​0 million. Other offers on the table include a Las Vegas residency and a short UK and European tour,” the source dished.

Posh’s u​-​turn will take time. In 2012 she confirmed her singing days were finally over after the Spice Girls wowed at London’s Olympic closing ceremony.

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“We got together for the Olympics and we managed to pull that one off,” Mel B enthusiastically noted last year.

“We’ve known each other for 20 years, and it’s like a sisterhood. It’s not gonna be broken anytime soon, especially after 20 years.”

​Recently Mel ​B ​said that if her daughter gets her way it could be at the Coachella Music Festival next spring.

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