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Saturday, Nov 22, 2014



Executive Chef Barry S. Dakake​ ​has kept ​a raft of ​celebrity​​ palates salivating including​ J​oe Montana, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars​ ​, Ne Yo, LL Cool J​ ​and Kelly Rowland.

The global culinary king comes to us promoting his Thanksgiving special menu at​ ​N9NE Steakhouse​ ​at the Palms Casino Resort. N9NE has recently been remodeled to reveal a contemporary new look along with delicious new menu items including the 44-ounce Prime Ribeye Tomahawk Steak and 3lb Lobster Thermidor.

The​ ​award-winning American steakhouse has been named a “Top 100 Restaurant in the World” by Conde Nast Traveler​ ​and a Top 100 Dining Hot Spot of 2013 by
Famous for his​ ​array of USDA prime aged beef selections, fresh seafood​ and whimsical desserts,​ Barry is giving us his answers to our Side Dish.

Q – Where did you go on your first date and what happened?
A – My first date was to an amusement park called Palace Playland in Old Orchard Beach in Saco Maine. My dad picked up my childhood “summer crush” and dropped us off and we walked the beach and boardwalk. We played carnival games, ate cotton candy and hot caramel corn. I was 12 years old.

Q – If you had an elephant, where would you hide it?
A – I would never have an elephant because I’m a firm believer that wild animals belong in the wild. Hypothetically if I did have an elephant, I would hide it somewhere that I know he would be comfortable with the weather and the earth’s natural elements that’s compatible to his natural home. Only my closest friends and family members would be able to see my elephant in my secret hideaway.

Q – What song is the most played on your iPod and which is the most potentially embarrassing?
A – “God Only Knows What I’d Be Without You” by The Beach Boys is the song I play most on my iPod and the most potentially embarrassing song I have is “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.

Q – If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
A -If I had a superpower I would want the power to cure deadly diseases.

Q – What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
A – I dreamt that I got up in the middle of the night to eat at my old house and as I opened up the refrigerator searching for junk food, I felt like somebody was looking at me. When I closed the fridge, I saw my dog Boomer sitting up on his back to legs asking me for some cookies.

Q – If you didn’t need to eat or didn’t need to sleep, which would you choose?
A – I wouldn’t sleep. There’s too much of the world to see. I love to eat.

Q – What’s your favorite lunch dish and which food do you not like and why?
A – My favorite lunch dish is afternoon pasta or my mom’s Sunday gravy with sausage, chicken cutlets and meatballs. My least favorite food is salmon. Save it for the grizzly bears.

Q – Do you have any phobias and what have been some of the repercussions?
A – The only fear that I have is God and repercussions are rewards granted in heaven.

Q – How do you relax and how easy do you find it to let go?
A – I relax by spending time with my dog and the people that I love the most. I like to travel and I enjoy sporting events but the seats have to be exceptional (as they always are!)

Q – If you could be anywhere and with anyone right now, where and who would it be at this very moment?
A – I would go back to my childhood days on Christmas Eve where both my mother’s and father’s side of the family got together and celebrated the holiday. My mother would cook the seven fishes and all of the Italian fixings including baked cod fish with lemon and olive oil, fried smelts, linguini and claims (red and white), baked lobster, shrimp and scallops, sautéed eel, snail salad, bacalla, fried squid and squid salad. There’s so many more dishes that I can’t even remember. It was always my dad’s side of the family that would run to the table first because they weren’t Italian and they only ate that kind of meal once a year, as so did I. It was a very special time in my life.

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