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Friday, Jul 22, 2016
Getty Image
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Rock power couple Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne plan to spend the next month deciding on their future after his “emotional affair.” Sharon and Ozzy have their first solid amount of time together after​​ the ​UK ​X Factor judge ​admitted she still doubts if she can trust him.

Sharon threw her rocker husband out of their Beverly Hills home in May​ and ​they have not fully reconciled. Since then the couple, married for three decades, have spent just a few brief days together due to her TV commitments and his farewell tour dates with Black Sabbath.

But now insiders say that the couple, famous for their turbulent marriage, plan to thrash out their future plans and decide on whether they will remain together. As his business manager, a split too would have huge implications for them.

In recent weeks, they have reconciled, even though Sharon remains livid at claims her hubby enjoyed the “emotional affair” with hair stylist Michelle Pugh. Now friends of the pair need to “engage fully in deciding how to move forward” as after this month ​both of them will be apart for most of the rest of 2016.

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A friend in LA said:

“Sharon and Ozzy will make the most of the next few weeks together. They have not had a solid run of days together since the scandal broke to spend quality time together and discuss what is next. Obviously Ozzy moving back in will be top of the agenda with a commitment that he will dedicate himself to marriage. They have been through times like this and Sharon is such a fighter that she will want commitment from Ozzy.”

“Things are better than they were in May, as they are talking and amicable; but now is the time for resolution. Many of us feel that Sharon will stay with him and they will come through this, but there is always that outside chance that it could be over completely. She made some very strong comments on her show The Talk saying that she was single and not sure what her future life held.”

“Ozzy still wants to make things work though. But this is a crunch time as for the rest of year, the pair are thousands of miles apart or in different cities with such heavy schedules. Sharon faces an exhausting end to the year between LA and London for the X Factor and The Talk. Ozzy is finishing his farewell tour with Sabbath. In reality, their only real time off together will be Christmas, so they will need to know what they will do as family by then”

The source added: “It is not just personal issues. Sharon has vowed to remain his manager even if they do split. So there is a lot of talking that is needed. This is a serious time”

Ozzy now has a month off ​and then gets back on the road in Wantagh for their US tour in August before finishing up with Ozzfest in late September.

While Sharon is working on the X Factor for the autumn, Ozzy has more tour commitments in the US and South America. After a Christmas break, he hits the road again for more Sabbath shows. Then in 2017, he plans to record a new solo album before announcing his farewell tour as a solo act.

Recently she admitted:

“Can I ever trust him again? I don’t know. I’m now questioning every statement, every move. The lies and intrigue still hurt. And I’m seeing what it’s like living on my own.”

Sharon also revealed they had both taken up meditation to help them through their troubles.


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