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Tuesday, Feb 10, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images

By Jon Boon


Grammy-winner and rising star Sam Smith is a secret nudist, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

But no need to worry at the moment — the British vocal superstar is keeping his little fetish in house, so to speak.

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“Of course I normally run around my home naked,” Smith, 22, told Dish.

“It gives you a feeling of being free. Sometimes it’s nice to feel free. Of course I write songs at home.”

So while Smith chills out by strolling around his London home creating hit tunes, he also likes to relax by walking for miles — clothed — which ​also ​helps him create hit songs.​ ​

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“I walk, and I like to walk for a while. It is a bit like my chill out time,” Smith dished.

“I have written songs on my way from my home to the studio as it relaxes me so much.”

Smith’s double platinum CD “In The Lonely Hour” was inspired by the heartbreak of splitting with an ex-boyfriend.

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However, Smith first tried to cure his heartbreak by buying a dog.

“Two days before my 21st birthday, I was in this horrible pit of loneliness. The person who the album is about told me to get a dog and you won’t be so lonely,” Smith previously said in an interview.

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“So I decided to travel four hours by car — and I bought this dog, which was very, very expensive. I took it back home and I realized that I’m not that lonely. Because the dog was so annoying. It kept me up all night, it was sh*tting everywhere. And I realized I just wasn’t that lonely.

“I had to give the dog away in the end.”

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