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Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images

​ ​
Sam Smith‘s dreams of performing the next James Bond theme song appear to be dashed away in the wake of his vocal cord surgery, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

Billboard Award-winner ​Sam is still recovering from surgery at a United States clinic for a hemorrhage in his vocal chords, and doctors have warned him he will have to wait for several months until he gets his voice back “full force” following the procedure.

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He has already been ordered by specialists not to speak until early June to aid his recovery.

“Sam was the favorite to perform the title track, and we were prepping for the edit this next few weeks,” an insider at MGM, who produce the movies with Eon, dished.

“But now that Sam is medically sidelined that cannot happen now. Because of the secrecy of everything here on the project, no one really makes a fuss usually, but Sam’s medical problems caused a huge stir here.”

It’s likely the “Stay With Me” singer will not be able to begin singing until mid-July at the very earliest.

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Spectre director Sam Mendes is putting together the opening titles already and wants to have the final cut finished by September.

Editors on the project were told that they would be cutting the scenes in the next few weeks, meaning that the door has almost certainly closed on Sam singing the hit.

Execs at the Bond film production house Eon saw Sam as their title theme star after Adele has failed to secure a deal with them for a second go.

“It’s such a shame because he had that big voice for a big theme, and is such a huge star at the moment. The film needs to be delivered by September, and the title track with the opening credits will need at least three months work,” the insider added.

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“As yet we haven’t had the tune, and Sam is unlikely to be able to record that given the time constraints. The word here now is who will be filling in for him. The talk is that they have asked Adele again, and are also eyeing Muse, Lana Del Rey and even Rihanna.”

Smith posted a photo of himself on Instagram after the operation in a wheelchair next to a grinning nurse and offered a one-word caption: “Flying.”

“Just woken up from op,” he tweeted. “I’m high on pain killers and listening to Whitney Houston hahahahaha.”

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