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Friday, Feb 13, 2015
Dish Nation
Dish Nation

By Amber Ryland


Hunky model-turned-actor Ryan Guzman stopped by Dish Nation‘s Los Angeles studio to spill the beans on what a sex scene with Jennifer Lopez is like — and it’s not as steamy as you imagine.

Guzman, 27, stars with Lopez, 45, in The Boy Next Door and told hosts Heidi Hamilton and Frank Kramer that he almost didn’t even realize he’d be getting hot and heavy with Lopez until filming began.

“It was a crazy experience. I definitely didn’t realize what the intimate scene was all about until the day of,” he told Dish.

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“It literally had one line that said ‘sex scene’ or ‘intimate scene’ and as I was reading it I went right past it because that’s how small it was.”

And believe it or not — Guzman says he didn’t really have much to do with the sex scene!

“It was crazy on the day, figuring out exactly what was going to happen. It was the willingness of her [Lopez] and the director being involved. I was the least involved,” he laughed.

“They told me what to do and how to do it and I gave it my two cents now and then, but with Jennifer you want to make her feel comfortable.”

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Lopez recently ranked Guzman her number two on-screen kiss during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, so we had Guzman rank his as well, and his bitterness over being number two was on full display!

Kathryn McCormick (in Step Up Revolution), Jennifer Lopez (in The Boy Next Door), Briana Evigan (in Step Up: All In), Lucy Hale (in Pretty Little Liars),” Guzman said. “And they’re gonna hate me for putting them in that order.”

“She gave me number two!” he said about Lopez.

Ticket Or Skip It: The Boy Next Door

Even though he gets to make out with beautiful women on screen, behind the scenes he explains it’s a much less romantic endeavor.

“You forget for a little bit and then somebody makes a slight movement and you realize there’s a bunch of dudes around you with cameras,” he said.

“And you’ve got nothing on except for something covering your junk.”

The Boy Next Door opened on Jan. 23 and is playing nationwide.

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