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Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images


​Oscar winner ​Reese Witherspoon ​plans on portraying political giant Hillary Clinton — and the ​presidential candidate is ​the one ​pushing for the​ move, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

Reese ​​revealed that Hillary — wife of ex-President Bill Clinton — even says that many people assumed Reese’s role in the movie Election was based on her real life.

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She revealed that despite her strong reputation thanks to her hits like Gone Girl and Wild, she panicked when she first started the Pacific Standard production company.

Reese spoke with business partner Bruna Papandrea, of Pacific Standard, at the Produced By Conference held at Paramount Studios​ — and she insisted her career is no long about chick flicks.

​Reese revealed that Presidential candidate Hillary could be a role she plays in the future. And Hillary is pushing for it too as so many politicians have likened her to Reese’s character Tracy Flick in her 1999 movie Election.

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“I have actually been asked by Hillary Clinton a couple of times, and a couple other politicians too​,” Reese said.

“Look, I already played Hillary Clinton in a movie didn’t I? When I met Hillary she said​, ‘Everybody talks to me about Tracy Flick in Election and I think there is even a side by side online of me doing my speech and she doing her speech.

“Every single politician always goes, ’Everybody tells me I remind ​​me​ ​of Tracy Flick.’ Really? I haven’t heard that one​.”​

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​Reflecting on the chance to play Hillary, she added, “It will be fun.”

​After three just three years running a production company she has Oscar, Golden Globe and Bafta wins and nominations. Reese felt she needed to become an independent, as women were being forgotten in Hollywood.

“I was just reading scripts, and the scripts were sort of diminishing. I just started to notice they were making less movies for women, and that meant less parts for women,” she said.

“We are looking for great female parts. If she’s the girlfriend or the wife, probably don’t send it to us.”

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​Reese revealed that she is developing three projects at the moment — but still she faces a battle with studios over her visions. She revealed how​ ​​this year’s huge hit ​Gone Girl was rejected by all the major studios when she pitched the script weeks before it shot to number one on the book charts.

But that decision helped Reese make six times larger profits when Twentieth Century Fox picked it up​.

“Most people don’t read. That is the bottom line. We had an amazing story about a book that we sent to every studio, that nobody read and then it hit number one and they all scrambled and ended up paying probably five six times times what they would have paid if they just listened to us in the first place​,” Reese said.

“We were totally right.”

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