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Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014
Getty Images/Front Page Media
Getty Images/Front Page Media


The American party gal who claimed she bedded Prince Harry during his infamous “naked billiards” ​Las ​Vegas party is heading to his native London, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

World famous U.S. adult industry leader Larry Flynt has offered the whistleblower, Carrie Reichert, a two week stint to strip at his Hustler Club in Croydon, South London.

“I cannot wait to go to London and show people what we can do,” Reichert confirmed to Dish.

The 42-year-old blonde will bare all at the strip joint as she attempts to cash in on her infamy in the UK.

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Reichert made headlines in August 2012 when she claimed she had spent time partying in the penthouse suite of the Wynn Hotel in Sin City with Prince Harry — alleging the two engaged in a “drunken fumble.”

Front Page Media
Front Page Media

Harry was caught on camera naked with other nude revelers playing billiards after a weekend boozing session.

Now Reichert is hoping her alleged fling with Harry will prompt a stampede of men to the Croydon club, and even welcomes Army captain Harry to see her in action.

“Obviously Harry is invited to come down — he would get his performances complimentary,” franchise owner Harry Mohney told Dish in an exclusively obtained statement, calling the show a “Royal Command Performance.”

“Carrie, who is world famous for her naked liaison with Prince Harry at a VIP hotel in Las Vegas in the summer of 2012, will be showing off all her wares for the first time since that sinful naked party in Sin City.”

The gentlemen’s club claims they will even prep a special VIP room, should Harry wish to drop in for another rendezvous with Reichert.

“We will have our special VIP room ready for the Prince so that he can get chummy with his former naked party pal, and of course we will have our special hot tub ready with champagne and caviar so that the two former naked love birds can cavort together again in royal style,” the release states.

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“Carrie, who now goes by the moniker of Carrie Royale, states that she is so excited to be feature dancing at Larry Flynt’s World Famous HUSTLER Club in Croydon, England. Carrie just can’t wait to rekindle her special friendship with the Crown Prince and definitely wants to get reacquainted with Prince Harry’s family jewels.

The statement goes on to say:

“Carrie Royale will be thrilling all the men in jolly old England just in time for the CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR’S holidays. And, just so you Royal lovers in the states don’t miss out, Carrie will be featuring at our Larry Flynt’s World Famous Hustler Club in Las Vegas.

“How fitting that Carrie should return to the scene of her infamous naked pool party with the Prince to provide all the men in Vegas a chance to gaze upon her beautiful naked body.

“You too can feel like royalty when you come see Carrie Royale at our Croydon or Las Vegas world famous Hustler Clubs.”

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In a 2012 taped interview, Reichert alleged to have engaged in a 20-minute trysts with the Army helicopter captain at the Wynn Encore.

However, hours after her exclusive interview the blonde divorcee was arrested on a felony warrant at San Diego airport on a Mexico-bound plane on August 24, 2012.

“I believe the British secret service or whoever protects the Royals have something to do with my situation,” she said at the time.

“I am not being treated the same as someone else in my situation.”

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In 2013 The American party girl wrote over 500 pages about her party nights and even vacations with a raft of well known stars in the USA, but was ordered by lawyers to ditch plans for a book about her escapades with the rich and famous.

Among her list of A-listers was bad boy golfer Tiger Woods, British actor Jude Law, one time pop party animal Robbie Williams, in addition to basketball legends Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

Other stars she claimed to have tales on from her fast-paced nights out include Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson.

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