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Wednesday, Jul 3, 2013

It’s time to celebrate America this weekend with fireworks, BBQ, and of course Dish Nation’s tributes to American Badasses. Sorry, Kid Rock. You are not included on this list.

There are lots of great picks in the badass category, since we’re essentially a nation of them, but here are a few favorites:

1. Theodore Roosevelt


Occupation: President: 26th President of the United States

Badass Origin: Teddy got shot while delivering a campaign speech. Instead of leaving the podium, he continued speaking to the crowd! Upon hearing the news of Roosevelt’s death a politician stated, “Death had to take him sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight.” He is also the only badass to win a Nobel Peace Prize in 1906. We assume it was for being a bad ass!

Teddy was a trure outdoors man as well. We can thank him for expanding national parks/forrests. Because we all know redwood trees are very badass. And the teddy bear can also attributed to his larger than life figure.

2. Samuel L. Jackson

Occupation: Badass Motherf******

Badass Origin: If a man has a wallet that says “badass m***********” on it, then nothing else needs to be said. Badass. Period.

3. Steve McQueen


Occupation: Icon

Badass Origin: Possibly one of the coolest people that ever lived in the known universe. For the uneducated, McQueen was an accomplished actor, race car driver, and former marine. Performing most of his own driving stunts in movies only makes this badass a legend.

4. Diana Ross

via MTV Networks

Occupation: Performer

Badass Origin: It’s time to give it up for the ladies. A founding member of The Supremes and a solo artist in her own right, Diana Ross is an iconoclast. She spanned every possible media genre and attained legendary status with movies like “The Wiz” and her work with Motown Records. Despite her personal ups and downs, her clashes with security and personal losses, she remains badass to this day.

5. Jesse Owens
Jesse Owens

Occupation: Olympian

Badass Origin: Jesse Owens embarrassed Adolf Hitler on his home turf. Owens competed in the 1936 Olympic Summer Games in Berlin, winning four gold medals. After breaking Olympic records, Owens waved back to a humiliated Hitler, who refused to congratulate him. Eat it, Hitler. Badass achievement unlocked.

6. Indiana Jones

via Paramount Pictures /
via Paramount Pictures /

Occupation: Archaeologist

Badass Origin: While we are the topic of beating up Nazis lets talk about the ultimate globe-trotting adventurer: Indiana Jones. Indy is the type of guy who brings a gun to a sword fight. Dr. Jones is such a badass that it’s okay if he is named after the family dog. However, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” almost revoked his status. Never again!

7. Ellen Ripley

via 20th Century Fox Film Corporation
via 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Occupation: Warrant Officer

What makes him so bad ass:  Leave it to a woman to stand toe-to-toe with the scariest movie monster in creation. Even in space, calling an alien a bitch is always badass.

Runnerups: Solange Knowles, Chuck Norris, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and your mom.

Who would you add to the list? Post yours now in the comments!

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