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Friday, Jan 1, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


It’s that time of year! Everyone is making a resolution that they probably won’t stick to, like working out more or saving more money.

We’ve compiled a list of resolutions for celebrities, based on their behaviors and what needs the most improvement.

Check it out below to see what your fave should work on in the New Year!


1.) Miley Cyrus – Get Dressed  

Okay, we love Miley and we support her movement towards recreating how the public sees her. But girl, when does it stop? Props to always trying to be yourself, but do you really feel the need to walk out on stage with a massive dildo and call it a stage outfit? MESS.

Getty Images
Getty Images


2.) Eddie MurphyWatch More TV

Sex is fun! But how about more Netflix, less chill? I mean, the man is expecting his 9th child and has like 5 baby mamas. It is officially time to take necessary precautions!

Getty Images
Getty Images


3.) Ariana GrandeVisit NO Doughnut Shops Ever

Grande had a hard time maintaining her public image this year following reports of her being a huge diva and the video leaking where she LICKED doughnuts in a shop. Avoid that next year, boo.


4.) Rihanna – Release An Album

Beauty agencies created, personal lines of marijuana announced, but no album. How long has it been since Ri Ri’s last album? Oh yeah, too long! It’s kind of annoying at this point. What in the world is taking so long?

Reality TV Gifs
Reality TV Gifs


5.) Raven SymoneBite Your Tongue 

Since joining The View as a co-host, Raven has stepped on SO many toes. From the ghetto name comment to claiming she isn’t African-American, the former Disney star bothered enough people to have a petition started, rallying to get her off the show! Needless to say, 2016 should be the year where she starts thinking before she speaks. Especially on national television.


6.) Justin Bieber – Don’t Be An Ass

Okay, so we will give it to him. The Biebs has made an attempt to stay out of trouble recently. But it wasn’t always that way. Here’s to hoping he continues to keep it together in 2016. But please spare us all and stop with the fake tears.



7.) Selena Gomez – Leave Justin Alone

Stop going back to him! You two release songs that are noticeably about one another and then meet up as if nothing is wrong. Enough! Is this just a PR thing? If so, find a hot athlete to date, that works too.


8.) North West Learn To Enjoy Fashion Shows

How dare she? Attending designer fashion shows and showing zero gratitude by crying and throwing a tantrum in the front row? We’re joking, obviously. Poor North! She better get used to those fashion shows with the bright lights and loud music. There are certainly more to come in her future.

Getty Images
Getty Images


9.) Nene Leakes – Prove Your House Is Furnished

After getting all defensive on The View about not showing the furniture in her new house, we are curious! Anyone who has ever watched Real Housewives of Atlanta knows Nene gets feisty when you touch on a tough subject and she loves to brag about her personal possessions. These two facts beg the question… where’s that furniture Linnethia?


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