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Wednesday, Nov 18, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images


Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran, Nene Leakes, is not at all pleased with how her appearance went down on The View yesterday, when she showed up to promote her role in Chicago on Broadway.

While Leakes seemed excited to join the ladies, Joy Behar quickly gave the impression that she wasn’t too thrilled. Almost immediately she began joking that Nene’s jewelry bruised her when she walked out on stage.The cast then started discussing Nene’s husband, Gregg, whom Nene has married twice. Joy didn’t seem amused that the reality-tv couple once divorced and re-married again, questioning “why divorce in the first place?”

When Nene responded, “to teach him a lesson,” Joy immediately dug deeper… “For example?” But it didn’t end there! Once Nene bragged that other Housewives are mocking her brand, Joy sarcastically called her modest, adding,

“No wonder you’re friends with Donald Trump.”


But wait, it STILL didn’t end there. The topic of conversation shifted to Nene’s luxurious new Atlanta home, when she proudly tagged the fact that it boasts 6 bedrooms. Then the cast went in AGAIN. This time, asking where the furniture was in the pictures.

Nene jumped to her own defense, saying she didn’t want everyone to see her furniture, that it was a “security measure.”


Joy gawked, and rightfully so. How could your furniture be dangerous to your security, when you’re showing pictures of the home’s outside on national TV? That makes no sense. For someone who takes the opportunity to brag about the size of their home and it’s prominent location behind Duluth Georgia’s nicest gates, it certainly seems abnormal they wouldn’t take the chance to advertise the home’s furnishings as well.

So, it raises the question.. Where is your furniture, Nene?

Shortly after her appearance, Leakes tweeted to let her followers know she was NOT having it,

“Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong.”


It’s not really fair to call the entire cast mean girls. We don’t think Nene will be taking a trip back to the set of The View anytime soon!



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