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Nelly Apologizes for Accidentally Uploading an X-Rated Video Just a Week After He Got Backlash for ‘Body-shaming’ Madonna
Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022


Nelly got himself in a huge “Dilemma” after he accidentally posted an x-rated video of a “young lady kissing his microphone,” if you know what we mean!

The internet caught fire yesterday after the St. Louis rapper shared an explicit video of a girl performing oral sex on him to his Instagram stories. Although you can’t see Nelly’s face in the video, only an unidentified “member,” many fans suspected it was him since it was posted to his Instagram.  The video was quickly deleted, but that didn’t stop the freaky footage from going viral on social media and fans from sharing their thoughts on Nelly’s unexpected eggplant erotica!


According to US Weekly, Nelly apologized to the “young lady” for the leaked video, saying it was “never meant to go public.” The “Hot in Herre” rapper’s team also said they were “investigating a breach and are concerned more of Nelly’s private content may also end up online … including financial information, personal documents, and passwords.”

“I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family. This is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public.”

A little over a week ago, Nelly came under fire for body-shaming Madonna for sharing a series of sexy photos on her Instagram. In the comment section, the rapper said “some things should just be left covered up” equipped with a facepalm emoji for emphasis, which sent Madge fans into a frenzy.

Do you believe that uploading the video was truly an accident? Tune in to see what our Dish Nation hosts think.



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