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Monday, Jun 19, 2017


Getty Images


If you wanna be a ‘Spice Boy,’ you better get with Mark Wahlberg!

Yesterday, Fox 5 D.C. reporter Kevin McCarthy posted a video to Twitter showing Mark Wahlberg recreating the Spice Girls‘ “Wannabe” music video with a group of male journalists…. including our BFF Andrew Freund!

The girl power reenactment was recorded on the stairs of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, the exact same place where the original video was filmed with the real Spice Girls in 1996.

In the clip, you can see Chris Van Vliet, Xilla Valentine, Andrew Freund, Kevin McCarthy and Scott Carty doing their best Posh, Sporty, Scary, Baby and Ginger Spice impersonations. Zigazig ah!


Afterward, Andrew caught up with Mark on the red carpet of the premiere of Transformers: The Last Knight.

“Mark, we’re now a global phenomenon after what happened yesterday,” Andrew told him.

“I love it, I say we start getting in the studio,” Mark said jokingly. “We’ll start recording the Spice Boys and think about how we take this thing to another level!”

Ok, we’re here for this! Andrew then asked if this could be a return to his Marky Mark music roots.

“As long as it’s behind the scenes,” he replied. “If you guys can’t deliver the vocal moves, I’m just gonna have to like, disguise my voice. But other than that, no. I’m not in front of this one, I’m behind the scenes.”

However, he did agree to be the business man behind the male group and even joked about future spin-off shows and commercial ads.

“But I will drive the business. I will make sure we go triple platinum. You’re gonna have your own spin-off show, underwear ads, whatever you want,” the rapper turned actor said.

We know our BFF Andrew is excited now. He asked if this could mean he could become a Calvin Klein model.

“You could. Why not go, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna…. Armani!”

And Mark even divulged what he would charge this new funky bunch for his managerial services.

“I’m a straight up manager–10 percent.” Mark clarified, “No creative fees. None of that. I don’t want to do to you what they did to me.” Shade alert?

The actor then went on to give his reasons as to why he was done with Transformers.

“Michael is always trying to outdo himself. He wants to make it bigger, better and give the audience more. I mean, that’s always  what he focuses on, it’s the audience’s experience. And he’s pretty relentless in achieving that and sometimes, that’s at the  expense of our health, but you know what? We know what we signed up for. If he asked me to do it again, wether it’s a  Transformers’ movie or another movie, he knows I’m there. He’s my guy!”

So who did it better? The Spice Girls, or the Spice Boys?




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