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Friday, Apr 3, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images

By Amber Ryland


Khloe Kardashian allegedly got her estranged hubby’s name tattooed below the belt when things were going well between them, and now Dish Nation has exclusively learned the reality TV star is trying to scrub that memory clear with laser removal.

According to an insider, along with Lamar Odom‘s initials of “LO” on her right hand, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also has his name inked somewhere private — and she’s sick of it.

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“It’s not a huge deal, Khloe will still have his initials on her hand. She’s just lasering the other one away,” a source close to Khloe revealed.

“She’s done a session or two and it’s sort of therapeutic for her.”

Even though Khloe was recently spotted in a Miami nightclub with on-again-off-again beau French Montana, there’s been talk of a reconciliation with Lamar, but the insider says Khloe isn’t jumping to any conclusions about what may happen with their marriage.

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“The tattoo is a constant reminder of what she thought she had with Lamar,” the insider dished.

“It’s time for a clean slate. Even if she does end up reconciling with Lamar, she doesn’t want that particular tattoo. It’s too painful.”

Khloe, 30, wouldn’t be the first celebrity to laser remove a tattoo of a former lover’s name — nor the first Kardashian!

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Rob Kardashian had a tattoo of ex-fiancé Adrienne Bailon’s name on his ribs that he similarly and quietly covered up with something new.

Angelina Jolie once had her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton‘s name tattooed on her shoulder but got most of it removed after their divorce, and replaced it with her children’s birth locations.

In the early 90s Johnny Depp tattooed “Winona Forever” on his right shoulder and when he later broke up with Winona Ryder he had two letters removed so it now reads, “Wino Forever.”

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And after Eva Longoria married NBA baller Tony Parker in 2007, she got his jersey number tattooed on the back of her neck — which she later zapped with laser treatments.

“If Khloe’s going to be dating, having her ex man’s name down there is not ideal!” the source added.

“Time to move on. If something happens in the future where they end up getting back together, then they can start fresh.”

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