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Monday, Mar 9, 2015
YouTube/Getty Images
YouTube/Getty Images


As the stars of their own multi-million dollar reality TV show, the Kardashians are used to being scrutinized.

But a new sketch show in England, depicting them as a family of bearded gypsies has got them up in arms, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

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The controversial Keith Lemon Show has spoofed the famous family with a segment called The Big Fat Gypsy Kardashians — a take on TLC’s My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding — and its left a bad taste in the family’s mouths.

Kanye in particular, doesn’t find it amusing in the least,” a source close to the family dished.

“He takes himself very seriously and thinks it’s detrimental to their image to have shows like this on TV. He doesn’t think it should be allowed.”

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The sketch shows all the sisters, including Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, plus their mom Kris Jenner — who are played by men with beards — dressed in black mini dresses, living in trailers and talking with Irish accents.

They poke fun at everything from the size of Kim’s backside, to Khloe’s stature. Even their fashion business Dash is mocked as the siblings are seen selling scrap metal and unsightly clothes from the side of the road.

Keith doesn’t hold back on the skit and does a Bruce Jenner impression too — by covering his face in cling film, making him look like an unsightly burn victim.

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“Kim hates not being seen as a sex symbol even when it’s all in good fun, and when Khloe showed her the clip she didn’t laugh. Khloe at least has a sense of humor about it but the others don’t. It’s fine when they are making fun of themselves but they hate it when someone else does it,” the insider told Dish.

“It’s been getting millions of hits online and they’re just hoping people in America don’t catch onto it and see it!”

While Kanye might be out for blood, the show’s host — who plays the role of Kim in the sketch — isn’t worried about antagonizing him.

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“I doubt if I’ll ever see him because I go to places like the TV Choice Awards,” he said when asked if he fears the wrath of Kanye.

Keith, whose real name is Leigh Francis, has created a ‘Yorkshire’ (an area in the north of England) version of the rapper in the past on his show Bo’Selecta where he named him ‘Ken West.’

“He’s made his money out of mocking everyone from Kim and Kanye to Simon Cowell, Mel B and even Michael Jackson,” another source added.

“The fact the Kardashians aren’t happy will only fuel him to make more skits.”

Check out one of the hilarious skits below!


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