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Monday, Oct 12, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images


Justin Bieber has thrown his hat into the ring to star in the unconfirmed Back to the Future remake, Dish Nation is exclusively reporting.

The film, which has its 30th anniversary this year, is getting a lot of buzz online with fans in a frenzy about the possibility of a new project.

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Now sources claim the young singer, 21, is determined to be the next Marty McFly and is begging producers to consider him for the role.

“He seriously thinks he could be better than Michael J. Fox. These are some huge shoes to fill and he’s got some serious confidence thinking he can make this work,” an insider said.

Sadly, his dreams are also creating plenty of comedic material.

“The joke is that if Justin does become the next Marty lets hope he can travel back to before YouTube and put an end to his own career,” the source laughed.

A remake of the 1985 classic has been talked about for years, although the original director Robert Zebecks has ruled out his involvement saying the time traveling trilogy will only happen once he’s dead.

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But people are still holding out hope that there will be another of the popular movies and since Justin is wanting to expand his acting resume, he thinks it could be his breakthrough role.

Having had a guest role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and playing an alien in Men In Black 3, Justin has said he wants to do more.

“I hope to do some more acting,” he said. “I have only done a few things like CSI, but I really wanted to do some more acting.”

But being one of the world’s biggest pop stars isn’t enough to make him a front runner for anything big though — especially an epic remake of this caliber, the source noted.

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“He’s not exactly lead role material and fans of the franchise would likely boycott the film if Justin had anything to do with it,” the insider dished.

“To remake Back to the Future would take an all-star cast.”


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