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Tuesday, Apr 7, 2015
Getty Images
Getty Images


Dating Jennifer Aniston is a tall order — as Justin Theroux has discovered.

The actor and director has taken a leaf out of Tom Cruise’s book and is wearing lifts in his shoes, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

Despite claiming to be 5′ 9″, Justin likes to stand significantly taller than his 5′ 5″ fiancee.

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“All his shoes have big lifts in them. He’s much shorter than I thought he would be,” says a source who worked with him on a recent photo shoot.

“He says he ‘needs a little bit of help in the height department’ so has a special inner sole which he moves from set of shoes to set of shoes.”

Another reason for his desire to be head and shoulders above others could be his obsession with his “bald spot,” the insider added.

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“He’s thinning a little. His stylists spent a lot of time brushing over it and styling his hair to make it look as thick as possible,” the source dished.

“They spent more time on that than any other aspect of his appearance. It’s not like he’s bald but he’s obviously a bit concerned about it. Wearing lifts makes sure people aren’t looking down on his head either!”

His widow’s peak was reportedly a source of contention when he was approached by a pair of men posing as fans a couple of years ago.

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Justin was leaving a gym in Los Angeles when he was stopped for a photo opportunity only for one of the “fans” to hand him a card ID’ing him as the manager of a hair restoration clinic.

While he took it in stride he was quick to brand the man “devious” before walking away.

“He’s a really good looking guy. There’s no denying it,” the source who worked with him added.

“But it’s refreshing to know that even A-listers need a little help in the looks department.”

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