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TONIGHT: Sherri Shepherd joins us on today’s Dish Nation and we’re dishin’ all things 'The Masked Singer,' Sarah Palin’s surprise divorce & Charlie's Angels!
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Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014
Getty Images
Getty Images

By Amber Ryland


Gwyneth Paltrow called into Dish Nation‘s studio in Dallas where the A-list actress has opened a Goop pop-up store for a month and she dished with our hosts Kellie Rasberry, J-Si, Jenna Owens and Big Al Mack about why she chose Texas and whether or not she’ll be in Captain America 3 with Robert Downey Jr.

In October it was revealed that RDJ would be joining Captain America 3, and Paltrow told Dish she has her fingers crossed that she gets to join too.

“I don’t know. I’ve heard rumors that maybe, and I don’t know,” Paltrow said when asked if she was confirmed for a role.

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“My fingers are crossed. I would love to be Pepper Potts again at some point in my life.”

In the meantime, Chris Martin‘s ex finished filming a movie last year with Johnny Depp and she gushed about how fun he is. “I have a movie coming out in January that I did with Johnny Depp last year. It’s a comedy and a kind of an art heist, it’s very, very funny. It’s a British comedy. It’s called Mortdecai,” she said.

“Johnny is so fun, and so funny.”

Speaking of funny, we had to ask about his memorable Hollywood Film Awards speech in which he was allegedly drunk. “No comment,” Paltrow laughed. But she was happy to talk about what great friends she has in her life.

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“I’m so lucky because I have the most amazing women in my life and a lot of them are from kindergarten, from when I was 5-years-old, and a lot of them I picked up later along the way like Cameron Diaz and Jessica Seinfeld who are just the most amazing, hilarious, solid women,” the mother-of-two told Dish.

“My girl cousins are amazing. I’m so lucky I have the best women in my life.”

Paltrow decided to bring her Goop online shopping site to life with a pop-up store in Dallas this holiday season, open from Nov. 17 to Dec. 14.

“We did one for one week out in California in Los Angeles, and we had so much fun doing it, and so we wanted to do another one,” she dished.

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“I was really excited for Dallas to be our second one instead of New York or Chicago. I love Texas and it’s a big market for us and I thought it would be really fun.”

And while the actress’ website has received flack in the past for selling high-end items that only the rich and famous could afford — Paltrow was quick to point out there’s something for everyone.

“The way that we curate things is kind of like, we have items that are a reach and then we have items that are not expensive at all that are totally affordable. I feel like that’s how women actually shop,” she explained.

“There are certain things you’ll save up for that are more expensive and then you’ll buy a t-shirt from Top Shop for $10 and then you’ll save up for a cashmere sweater. We try to go across all of the price points and have things that will bring value because they’re beautiful. But it’s not all super expensive.”

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What’s Paltrow gifting this holiday season? You might be surprised.

“You know what I think is such a great gift — it doesn’t matter what the price point — is if you personalize something. I’ve given LL Bean bags. I go on the website and put the person’s initials, I think they’re like $40, and then you open something with your initials on it and it’s great,” she told Dish.

“I do that sometimes with jewelry if it’s a really special thing or I’ll do it with bags. On the website we do a lot of personalized things with initials because I sort of like that…and napkins with a monogram. Anything I think with a monogram makes somebody feel really special.”

So if you live in the Dallas area be sure to check out Goop’s pop-up store at the Highland Park Village or online here.

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