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Friday, Jun 2, 2017
Getty Images

By Jon Boon for Dish Nation

Mr. Nasty has become Mr. Nice –  and it’s all because of Tyra Banks

The former model’s sunny disposition has rubbed off on America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, who has morphed into a amiable “pussycat”.

Tyra, 43, has taken up hosting duties on the NBC reality show, and insiders say her nice as pie demeanor has the usual tough task master Simon, 57, into a softer, calmer TV personality. 

Better still, Tyra has been telling pals that supportive Simon has been giving her cuddles backstage, and is much more considerate and caring than she ever imagined. 

The America’s Next Top Model star replaced original host Nick Cannon after he fell out with the network. 

But despite their concerns Nick would be missed, Tyra’s smiling manner and natural flair for the role of leveling with the contestants has delighted the show chiefs, who are delighted with her. 

“Tyra’s arrival has brought a new feeling to the team and especially Simon. While once upon a time he was grumpy and tough to please, he is a lot more kind. Of course on set he has to be a ruthless judge of potential headline acts, but he is certainly tamer. Away from the cameras he has been a real rock to Tyra and she says he just a pussycat now,” a show insider tells Dish Nation. 

They continued: “Producers on the show have noticed Simon has completely changed since Tyra started hosting instead of Nick, and they’re convinced it’s all her doing. Whenever they’re on set together, Simon is just so amiable. He’s mellow, agreeable and a far cry from his early days as the judge that everyone feared.”

But how did Tyra do it? The insider added:

“Tyra has a way of lighting up any room she’s in, just because she’s always so happy and is always beaming. It seems contagious, now Simon is always happy and has been hugging everybody he can, including Tyra and is even being nicer to the contestants. Tyra has told her friends that Simon has been cuddling her backstage and has been super nice to her as she settles into the show. She can’t quite believe that it’s the same Simon who regularly tormented contestants and was even mean to his fellow judges. He’s been very caring, very considerate and helpful to her whenever she’s needed help.”

The fact that Tyra is doing so well hasn’t gone unnoticed with TV bosses, who were worried about the transition from Nick to Tyra.

“Their slight fears have been proven completely wrong, and Tyra has added a different perspective on the show,” the source added.“She’s amazing with the contestants and really knows how to make them feel comfortable before they perform. And she’s so happy on set, it’s got everyone else smiling too.”

AGT has bounced back on our screens this week with 12 million fans .


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