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Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014

By James Desborough


It all started with Ed Sheeran releasing his single “Don’t” — allegedly written about pal and One Direction singer Niall Horan cheating with his then-girlfriend Ellie Goulding.

That was six months ago, but the scandal doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and Dish Nation has exclusively learned Goulding has had enough.

Ellie’s lawyers have sent out legal letters to news outlets saying ‘don’t’ talk about me when it comes to Sheeran and Horan.

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Lawyers fired off letters after Sheeran spoke about the song last week, allegedly confirming it was about Goulding.

But Sheeran referenced the song numerous times during his months-long promotion for his new album “X” — and the references add up to thousands of articles about the story.

“Last week letters arrived on the desks of a number of big news outlets saying that they faced legal action if they claimed Ed’s tune was aimed at Ellie and in any way indicated bad behavior,” a media source in London said.

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“It came as a huge surprise to many, as this story had been written about since May, and no legal notes were fired off.”

The timeline of the legal warnings appears to be an issue.

“Ed had never denied that Ellie was an inspiration for his work, so this seems a strange response after such a long time. Online there are hundreds of fan and media sites that have gone much further in their descriptions of Ellie,” the source continued.

“The UK laws on libel are different to the US, so the newspapers there are now steering clear of trouble.”

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Even though Sheeran didn’t name Goulding in the hit song — his lyrics made it clear who the reference was to.

“I never saw him as a threat, ’Til you disappeared with him to have sex’, and ‘you were looking for a lover to BURN,’” it was soon reported to be about Goulding.

The Goulding-Sheeran-Horan love triangle had been rumbling for a while, but Sheeran recently said his anger since then has tapered off.

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“I got over the anger the moment I wrote the song. It’s a song that came at the time that I needed to write,” he told The Sun.

“That’s the end of it. I’m grateful I could get a song out of it, to be honest. I don’t feel it’s about anyone any more, I’m not attached to that.”

Stateside, he confirmed he went a year without speaking to his One D pal, who broke the “bro code.”

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“It is difficult conversation to have,” Sheeran said.

“Well, he was my mate so I was a bit like ‘not cool’ but he was my mate. We haven’t really spoken since then.”

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