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Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014

By Amber Ryland

He plays a space hunk in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ but Chris Pratt is just a Midwestern boy at heart whose obsession with hunting squirrels is starting to wear on his wife, Anna Faris, Dish Nation has exclusively learned.

Pratt, 35, fancies himself a “huntsman” who grew up shooting everything from elk to coyote but it’s his love of squirrels — killing them and even eating their hearts raw — that is really pushing his wife of five years over the edge.

“Anna’s pretty much over Chris’ squirrel obsession. Not only does he feed them to her family during the holidays, but he kills them and hangs their hides on the wall of their garage,” an insider exclusively told Dish Nation.

“It’s overload and it’s driving Anna nuts! She avoids the garage at all costs lately because she’s so grossed out and it’s just creepy.”

Pratt has been vocal about his love of hunting and the outdoors admitting, “I like to kill the things that I eat sometimes.”

During a 2011 interview with Conan O’Brien the ‘Parks and Recreation’ star said, “I grew up hunting deer and turkey and squirrel. I just fed some squirrel to Anna…over Christmas, I fed it to Anna’s family. My wife Anna and her family had never had squirrel!”

“I’m not a sicko,” Pratt joked. “The appeal to me as a kid was the biology of it all. It was the science of it. I was a junior taxidermist. I would get squirrels and I would cut ’em and then I would skin them in my room and then tan the hides.”

And although Faris seemed to embrace it at first, she has no problem putting her foot down now when it comes to her husband’s love for the wild.

“She’s told him to tone it down. It’s not like a one-time thing for Chris, this is something he does often,” the source added.

“Anna’s just not into it.”

But Faris’ brother now joins in the hunting with Pratt and the ‘Scary Movie’ actress told Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year that the two of them “harvest” squirrels during the holidays.

“They have to cook it outside on the barbecue because my mom refuses to have, I don’t know, have the smell of cooking squirrel in her kitchen,” Faris joked.

“I don’t know why. And they season it heavily cause, you know, you have to. It’s squirrel.”

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