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Tuesday, Dec 22, 2015

Not a fan of social media? These stars aren’t either!
Check out why they have stayed offline through the fame.


George Lucas

Getty Images
Getty Images


“I have assiduously avoided the Internet since 2000 — no Facebook, no Twitter, no e-mail even.”


Keira Knightley

Getty Images
Getty Images


“I hate the internet!”


George Clooney

Getty Images
Getty Images


“If you’re famous, I don’t – for the life of me – I don’t understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter. Why on God’s green earth would you be on Twitter? First of all, the worst thing you can do is make yourself more available… [But also] you’ve had two too many drinks and you’re watching TV and somebody pisses you off, and you go ‘Ehhhh’ and fight back… you wake up int he morning and your career is over.”


Jennifer Lawrence

Getty Images
Getty Images


“What’s Pinterest? I don’t have it. I know by the time I get it, it’ll be something else. I bought a CD case less than a year ago. I will never get Twitter. I’m not very good on the phone or technology. I cannot really keep up with emails so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me. If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it’s me, it most certainly is not.”

Daniel Craig

Getty Images
Getty Images


“I am bloody not [on Facebook]. And I’m not on Twitter either… ‘Woke up this morning, had an egg’? What relevance is that to anyone? Social networking? Just call each other up and go to the pub and have a drink.”


Kristen Stewart

Getty Images
Getty Images


“Like I’m going to die because somebody is going to say where I am and somebody is going to kill me. Someone’s going to Twitter my location and then it’s going to be like, boom.”


Bradley Cooper

Getty Images
Getty Images


“If I know so much about you and you’re playing a character in a movie then that’s a lot of work I’m gonna have to do to forget who you are so that I can believe the character and therefore enjoy the movie.”


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