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Monday, Jul 4, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


The best part of being a celebrity? The money, obvi!

And one of the quickest and easiest ways for a well-known personality to bring home some cash is through an appearance! Club appearances and private events are known to bring celebs a TON of money for just one night of their time, and the more famous you are, the more you make.

Take a look at how big paychecks can be for just one appearance:


Paris Hilton

Prepare yourselves, Hilton has reportedly earned up to $1 million for a DJ gig. Now THAT is hot.



Britney Spears

This pop queen earned $350,000 to come sit in a club for a bit. $350k To SIT DOWN.



Lil Wayne

If you want some time with Weezy, it’s going to cost you $110,000. Sounds expensive, we know. But it includes a 5-song set! Totally worth it… right?



Nicki Minaj 

The come up is real! Nicki’s appearance earnings have gone from $35,000 in the beginning to a whopping $250,000 now.



Lindsay Lohan

Back in Lilo’s prime, she reportedly took home $350,000 to celebrate her birthday at Pure, a former Las Vegas nightclub. We’re willing to bet that included free drinks for all her friends too.



Pamela Anderson

The same club that paid Lindsay Lohan to celebrate her birthday also wrote Pamela Anderson a check for $250,000 to celebrate New Years Eve with them.




“One Dance” with this sexy singer is valued at $155,000.





For a private Beyonce concert in St. Barts, it is going to cost you how much?! 1 million dollars!



Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo takes the cake. Over the years she’s performed at several private birthday parties and weddings, earning a million sometimes for each performance. But in March of 2016, Jennifer was asked to perform at the wedding for the daughter of a Russian billionaire. How much did she earn for the night? FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.



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