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Saturday, Jun 11, 2016
Getty Images
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Just because someone has reached astronomical success in Hollywood, doesn’t mean they haven’t put in WORK in the classroom too! There’s a large number of familiar faces in the industry who spent years and years in college earning degrees before their success in the world of entertainment.

Are you surprised by any of the degrees these celebrities earned?


Gerard Butler

This big hunk of a Scottish man actually has a LAW DEGREE! Impressive, huh? The 46-year-old is a graduate of Glasgow University.



Wanda Sykes

This funny lady studied at Hampton University in her home state of Virginia before hitting the big time. Her concentration? Marketing! Her first job post college? WORKING FOR THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA)! No big deal!



James Franco

Okay this guy is obviously the MVP. Prepare yourselves… Franco originally dropped out of UCLA after his freshman year in 1996. But after some progress working in film, Franco enrolled himself at UCLA again in 2006 and completed a degree in creative writing. Then, in 2008, he moved to the East Coast after being accepted at Columbia University. At Columbia, Franco simultaneously studied filmmaking at New York’s Tisch School.

But get this… During ALL of that he still took part in courses at TWO other universities – one in New York and one in North Carolina. Shockingly, it still doesn’t end there. The actor also earned a Ph.D. in English from Yale and a masters in filmmaking at Columbia in 2011. What we’re trying to say is: Franco is smart AF.



Carrie Underwood

After winning American Idol, Carrie returned to Oklahoma to finish her Mass Communications degree at Northeastern State. Kudos to you, Carrie!



Kenny Chesney

Another country songbird to earn a college degree was this fella! Chesney graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1990 with a Bachelor’s in Advertising.



Bill Cosby

So he might be a terrible guy, but Cosby did study at the University of Massachusetts and earned both a Masters and Ph.D. in Education.



Eva Longoria 

This newlywed earned a degree in kinesiology from Texas A&M University-Kingsville prior to becoming an actress in Hollywood. However, despite all of her success, Longoria returned to school once more and received her Master’s degree in Chicano Studies from California State University, Northridge in 2013!



Tyra Banks

Banks completed the nine-week Owner/President Management Program at Harvard Business School in 2012. She is now enrolled in an intensive boot camp at The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena! The model is taking the classes with her Mom, so she too can master “culinary creations” for her new baby!



John Legend

Mr. Legend is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied English with an emphasis on African-American literature.



Ron Jeremy

Believe it or not, Jeremy has earned a Bachelor’s degree in both Education and Theater from Queens College in New York. There, he also earned a Master’s in special education and taught classes in the New York City area prior to his porn career kicking off!



Stay in school, kids!




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