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Monday, Feb 2, 2015

By James Desborough


It’s the hottest song in the clubs right now and America’s number one video of the moment — “Uptown Funk.”

But while Mark Ronson is the creator of the catchy tune with Bruno Mars as a featured singer, on the video it was an entirely different affair.

Dish Nation has exclusively learned that Bruno took control of the video after “auditioning” Mark to see what moves he could pull on the dance floor.

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“While Mark was in charge of the music, Bruno took full charge of the video. And before they shot he asked Mark to show him what he’s got,” a source on set dished.

“After a small demonstration of some legs flaying and arms flapping everywhere, Bruno told his pal to leave things to him.”

An insider reveals Bruno politely told his pal to stay out of the way and just “nod your head” while shaking his head to the beats, or read the paper to “look cool.”

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“Bruno told Mark just to nod his head or shake it along with the music as that would look cool enough with everyone doing what they do,” the insider said.

“Bruno even told Mark to read a paper during some scenes to make him stick out less.”

Our on set source said Bruno felt bad a little later and had Mark in the group with the dancers to make it seem like he was dancing too.

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“The pair are such good pals that there were no issues between them — in fact, Mark was thankful that he wasn’t dragged into dance routines he wouldn’t be able to keep up with,” the source told Dish. “How embarrassing would that have been?”

“Later Bruno invited Mark to join the dancers for a few run ins to camera to make it appear like he had been dancing with them. He still just nodded his head.”

Ronson adores hearing the hit on the radio and recently told Dish Nation, “I love making records that stand out when you hear them. That is the ultimate goal. When ‘Rehab’ came out nothing sounded like ‘Rehab,’ and with ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ nothing sounded like it.

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“It’s a thrill when something comes on the radio and it so refreshing,” he continued.

“But I wanted to make a song that was dance music played by us and it is cool that people are really into it.”

Check out the video for “Uptown Funk” below — what do you think of Mark’s performance?


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