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Friday, Apr 22, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


Britney Spears might be looking better than ever but her badly Photoshopped Instagram pictures are eclipsing her banging body and she’s willing to pay big bucks to stop it from happening again.

The pop princess, 34, was most recently accused of terrible retouching when she posted a skinny bikini photo of herself lying poolside and fans pointed out water where there shouldn’t be — a tell-tale sign the pic had been messed with.

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And now to save future embarrassment, Dish Nation has exclusively learned she’s offering up to $1 million to the right person to ensure only the very best images — touched up correctly — make it onto her social media accounts.

“Brit says it’s worth every penny just to save herself from being mortified like that again,” the insider claimed.

“Plus she knows she’ll always look good this way. She’s been approaching photographers and digital editors left, right and center but with a salary so high it seems too good to be true and no one has snapped up the job offer yet.”

It’s not the first Photoshop drama she’s had either. She looked considerably different in her recent V Magazine shoot with a much slimmer and younger looking face.

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And when she graced the cover of Women’s Health she was so unrecognizable readers thought she was Heidi Klum.

“Britney’s really proud of the way she looks right now. She’s worked so hard on her body and she thinks having someone get rid of minor imperfections that show on camera, like lumps and bumps, would be amazing,” the source added.

“Social media plays a huge part in everyone’s lives nowadays and since she’s worth about $185 million, $1 million really isn’t much at the end of the day to make her Instagram and Facebook photos perfect.”


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