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Friday, Apr 10, 2015


By Amber Ryland


Bleona Qereti, known just as Bleona, starred on Bravo’s Euros of Hollywood and is an International recording artist, actress, and entertainer.

She is currently a celebrity judge on X Factor Albania — her native country — but she came back to the United States in March for a music video shoot.

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Check out these exclusive photos Dish Nation obtained from her music video shoot!


Lee Levin, Selfish Entertainment
Lee Levin, Selfish Entertainment


Lee Levin, Selfish Entertainment
Lee Levin, Selfish Entertainment


She is working with producer Timbaland who says “she’s a force to be reckoned with” and her European concerts draw 80,000+ fans and she’s been featured on more than 35 magazine covers.

Her English/American debut will be out this year and her first single “Take It Like A Man” hit #7 on the UK Pop Dance chart while her current single “F**k You I’m Famous” is now available on iTunes.

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A major part of her message is support of the LGBT community. She has performed at the White Party and Las Vegas Pride.

Follow Bleona on Twitter here, and check out her ‘Side Dish’ with Dish Nation below!


Q – If you had an elephant, where would you hide it?
A –In my Closet

Q – What song can’t you get enough of right now, and which is the most potentially embarrassing?
A – Blank space …as far as embarrassing, I’m not sure as I LOVE music and I don’t think any kind of music is embarrassing.

Q – If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
A – I would love to see no one suffer in this world, at least for food, so I would make sure everyone has food to eat and a place to sleep. The rest is optional.

Q – What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
A – That I had a concert in a stadium on the Moon ( true story ) and I was waiting for everyone to settle down before the concert started.. lol. Not possible.

Q – If you didn’t need to eat or didn’t need to sleep, which would you choose?
A – Didn’t need to sleep!! I would soon have much more time to do everything else.

Q – What’s your favorite lunch dish and which food do you despise and why?
A – My favorite lunch is Salmon and Quinoa and I despise curry sauce. It stinks and your body stinks the next day.

Q – Do you have any phobias and has it ever affected you?
A – Yes airplanes! Always! Anytime I get on, which unfortunately is very often…

Q – How do you relax and how easy do you find it to let go?
A – What does relax mean??? Lol…I am not the easiest person to let go. I’m working on it.

Q – If you could be anywhere and with anyone right now, where and who would it be at this very moment?
A – Los Angeles, California!! With someone that is super-special to me but he thinks that my career is everything to me and he is not special enough .. No chance to try to convince him otherwise.

Q – Who is the favorite celebrity you’ve worked with, and why?
A – I love working with Timbaland. You never know what you will get with him and every time is as it was the first time. You might get an absolute masterpiece or an absolute disaster. As a person that loves extremes this fits me perfectly. Lol.

Q – Tell us about your latest project.
A – I am a judge on X Factor Albania at the moment and I’m also looking forward to releasing my debut EP in May, along with my first video in English called “Take You Over .” It is a very high fashion video that will establish me as a recording artist in the U.S. I look forward to see what America’s reaction will be to it.

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