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Friday, Sep 30, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


… Only problem is getting someone to match Lady Bee in all departments!

Britney Spears is about to see her life turned into drama thanks to the Lifetime channel. Now, we have learned that Lifetime is looking at making Beyonce their next project! And while they reckon the drama will be a sure fire smash, they are caught in concerns about the film.

First, executives want someone who can dance like Queen Bee, and also sing with her powerful harmonies.

They are concerned that the Bey Hive may wage war on the show if they do not like the content or dish up a “drama club” actress and not a serious performer.

Last night an insider revealed:

“Lifetime have enjoyed huge hits with their biopics especially on pop culture – and they think Beyonce has the potential to be another one. No-one has yet managed to create a drama about Beyonce’s astonishing rise from a dreamer in Houston to one of the greatest artists of all time, through family sacrifices, group fights and her rollercoaster love life with Jay Z…and Lifetime feel they should be first.”
“But their difficulty is getting an actress, who can sing and dance like Bey, to look, sound and act the part. They want the leading star to be as convincing as possible rather than getting hate from her fans.
“It is a delicate position for the network. If they make the film a critical acclaimed drama then they can score huge ratings and achieve global sales too. But if it they don’t, then that will be a PR disaster.”


Lifetime have just started filming their Britney drama with Hail Caesar actress, Natasha Bassett as the pop superstar.
The show will air next year, and execs want to see how that pans out before they commit to the Beyonce movie.

“They feel that if this looks good then Beyonce is a goer too.” added the insider. 

Beyonce and Jay Z‘s lawyers are sure to be waiting to see what happens next. The drama of the last four years in their romance is enough for a drama.


Move Over Oprah, Beyonce’s Coming For Ya

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