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Friday, Jun 6, 2014

Getty Images
Getty Images

Nicole Kidman is kicking herself for not taking her best friend Naomi Watts’ advice to run for the hills when she was offered the role of Grace Kelly in “Grace of Monaco.”

Naomi was eviscerated for her portrayal of another adored royal, Princess Diana, in the 2013 biopic bomb, “Diana.”

“Now she’s telling Nicole, ‘told you so,’ about all the horrific press and terrible reviews Nicole is getting for ‘Grace of Monaco,'” a source tells Dish Nation.

“Nicole is devastated, but it’s not like Naomi didn’t give her fair warning. Naomi learned the hard way and told Nicole taking on such a loaded part was a no-win situation.”

Naomi initially turned down playing the iconic but doomed British princess, but “wasn’t completely at peace” with the decision.

She ultimately signed on and began filming in early summer 2012. But, says the source, “Naomi knew right away it was a disaster in the making.She regretted her decision almost immediately,” and her worst fears were confirmed when the movie premiered in September 2013 to atrocious box office and negative press.

“Naomi told Nicole to jump ship and pull out of ‘Grace of Monaco,'” says the source. “But Nicole blew off Naomi’s warnings and told her she was a bigger star than Naomi and could handle the flake.”

Production began in September 2012. The movie premiered at the Cannes film festival in May to scathing reviews, it received an unprecedented rebuke from the royal family of Monaco and there was talk that it might not even get a U.S. release.

Adds the source,”Naomi feels dissed by Nicole so she doesn’t want to hear her sob story now.”

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