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Thursday, Nov 20, 2014


By Amber Ryland


Dish Nation welcomed Alex from Target into our Dallas studio to chat with hosts Kellie Rasberry, J-Si, Jenna Owens and Big Al Mack about how the instant fame has impacted him — and what his girlfriend thinks about it all!

The craze over 16-year-old Alex started when a young lady took a photo of him checking her out, posted it on Twitter and it was retweeted in England, going viral from there.

“I’ve been scanning items for like three months,” Alex said. “I haven’t worked in about a week and a half because of all of this. We have people wait outside for me. It feels like the secret service!”

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No telling yet if Target will capitalize off the 16-year-old’s new fame with a holiday commercial campaign, Alex said, “We’re not really planning anything right now.”

And don’t plan on running into Alex on the biggest shopping day of the year — Black Friday.

“I’m scared to [work],” Alex said. “I don’t want to get trampled.”

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Alex has had plenty of brushes with fame now that he’s a celebrity in his own right, making it hard for him to do things he used to.

“I went in the mall and they started screaming so I had to go away. I had to go through the tunnels in the mall to get back to the car,” he said of his new celebrity status.

“I went to the football game and then they started chanting my name in the stands and everyone started taking pictures of me and we had to leave.”

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Sorry ladies, Alex is taken. The Texas-native has a girlfriend he started dating just weeks before he shot to fame.

“We’re doing really good,” Alex said. “She sees it as a huge opportunity for me.”

But no celebrity free passes for Alex, who said he can’t name a Hollywood crush because his girlfriend Lindsay wouldn’t approve. We asked Alex about a tweet he got from Ariana Grande and he played it cool saying, “I’m not allowed to say,” when Jenna asked what he thinks about the “Bang Bang” singer.

“If it all goes away, then at least we tried,” he said of his brush with fame.

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But Alex has no interest in being compared to Justin Bieber saying, “Not really,” when asked if the Canadian pop singer was a role model.

Since going viral, Alex has teamed up with the co-founder of the Shots app, John Shahidi, to help boost his brand.

“We just want to see what we can do positive out of it,” Alex said.

All this publicity for Target, and Alex says he only gets a 10% employee discount. #AlexFromTarget

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