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Monday, Dec 1, 2014
Getty Images
Getty Images

By James Desborough


Adele will reportedly release her next much-anticipated album in 2015, but Dish Nation has exclusively learned mum is the word on the release date of the music sensation’s third album — even with other artists, songwriters and collaborators who worked with her.

The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning star had her first child, son Angelo James, with Simon Konecki in 2012 and is so consumed with her family life and her pet Dachshund, she is not focused on her music comeback.

Dish spoke with respected songwriter Diane Warren — who has written for the likes of Beyonce, Aerosmith, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Cher and Kelly Clarkson — who spent time with the British songstress working on tunes for the new album last year.

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“I don’t think anybody knows. I have no idea,” Warren said when asked which of her songs will make the cut on Adele’s third CD.

“We did three great songs together. I assume something will be on there. They’re really quality, great stuff.”

Fans have been waiting for a follow up to “21” for nearly three years, but may have to wait even longer.

Adele recently rejected an offer from Bob Geldof to appear on the Band Aid 30 single.

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While it was news to Warren, she told Dish ​the starlet may not want to be in the limelight at this time in her life.

“The thing is with Adele, she can [take time off]. Good for her. That’s the great thing. She doesn’t need the money. Maybe she has a life. That is the feeling I got…I got to know her a bit working with her,” she said.

“She has a real life — unlike me who has no life.”

Warren shot down rumors that Adele’s return is hampered by long-term voice damage after a 2011 surgery, insisting the singer’s wide-ranging sound is safe.

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“I worked with her last year and her voice is stunning. You couldn’t tell she had any problems,” Warren told Dish.

“She is probably the best singer on the planet. She was singing. I was in there, she was singing and she sounded great…she sounded amazing.”

Warren spoke with Dish at the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Party where the Hollywood Foreign Press made their Miss Golden Globe announcement at Fig & Olive in West Hollywood presented by Aquafina.

The Los Angeles-based hit maker, 58, is one of the few inside Adele’s inner circle to publicly talk about her life.

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Warren dismissed suggestions that Adele — who has rarely been seen in public since the birth of her son two years ago and has only tweeted twice in the last five months — has become a recluse.

“I spent the time writing with her. But she is a really nice person, really cool,” she said.

“I loved her dog. She has a cool Dachshund – a little Wiener dog that was sleeping on my really nice jacket,” Warren joked. “I didn’t mind because I love animals.”

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Adele has sold over 35 million albums worldwide despite just two album releases of “19” and “21” and her chart success defies modern artists’ diminishing sales figures.

However, fans have never been treated to a world tour from the Londoner.

A recent financial filing by her label, XL Recordings states that “there will not be a further new release by Adele in 2014.” Her publicist added that “at the moment, nothing is scheduled.”

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