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Sunday, Jul 3, 2016
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We all have those weekends where you just want to lounge and do nothing. And while Netflix & Chill is allegedly a lie, there’s no denying the pleasure of binge watching a series that you love.

So for those in need, here are 5 of our favorite new shows:




1.) Gracie and Frankie

A rivalry turned friendship! This show is absolutely hilarious and is a Netflix original. Season 1 was a hit and Season 2 was just recently released. You’re welcome.




2.) UnREAL

This is a Lifetime original series that will make you think reality TV is completely scripted!

The show provides an interesting viewpoint from the producers of a dating show called Everlasting. The lengths they will go to in order to make “good television” will blow your mind. Season 1 is on Hulu, Season 2 playing on Lifetime now!




3.) Devious Maids

Another gem from Lifetime! This is an interesting story involving 4 great friends who are all maids in the oh-so-wealthy Beverly Hills. Their lives are filled with scandal, humor, and snooty rich women. It’s enough to keep you going for days!

FUN FACT: The show’s Executive Producer is none other than Eva Longoria and it was created by the same guy who created Desperate Housewives, Marc Cherry.

The show’s first 3 seasons are on Hulu, and Lifetime is airing Season 4 now!




4.) Nashville

This show was recently cancelled by ABC. However, fans were not having it and petitioned until the show was picked up by another network, CMT, for a final season.

There are 4 seasons on Hulu and a 5th one coming… Sometime? Totally worth watching though! Rayna and Juliette are Queens.




5.) Chelsea

Chelsea Handler has moved from E! to Netflix. Her new talk show is a completely different vibe from her former gig, Chelsea Lately. On Netflix, Chelsea has guests ranging from celebrity friends such as Drew Barrymore and Wiz Khalifa, to politicians and other important people such as Senator Barbara Boxer… and DJ Khaled.

We kid.

There are already over 20 episodes for you to catch up on! And new episodes every Wednesday Thursday and Friday!



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