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Monday, Sep 7, 2020

Everyone needs a hero, and the NBA has really stepped up to provide inspiration through their support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Since they’ve done so much for us, the Dish Nation family wanted to show a few key players some gratitude and love.

So let’s take a look at 5 inspirational figures from the NBA

Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics star has always been an outspoken advocate for black lives and the Black Lives Matter movement. At age 23, Jaylen is already following in the footsteps of the incredible civil rights activists that started this fight decades ago. He knows the conversation and quest for justice shouldn’t be comfortable, so he doesn’t shy away from demanding his fans and the NBA educate themselves and push their boundaries. A lot of people are saying what we should dobut Jaylen Brown is leading by example and actively doing the work.


Gregg Popovich


The San Antonio Spurs coach has been called the most “woke” coach in the NBA, and this video proves that. Coach Popovich acknowledges his own privilege, is not an apologist, and he’s comfortable admitting he has got a lot to learn. In order to dismantle systemic racism, white Americans must stop protecting their own feelings and start demanding justice for POC. That is exactly what Gregg Popovich is doing.


The Milwaukee Bucks


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The Bucks staged a walkout during a playoff game to protest the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the violent police shooting of Jacob Blake. The team realized they have an incredible platform to shed light on police brutality in America and they used it so effectively. The injustice and brutality that people of color face is bigger than basketball and they made that clear in a huge way.


Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers has long served as a voice against racial inequality in America. The LA Clippers coach speaks with conviction and won’t be satisfied until there is clear and permanent change in the current situation. He gets emotional in this video which isn’t something we see a ton of in sports, and it just proves how committed Doc Rivers really is.


LeBron James

We can’t forget about King James. LeBron has also always been an advocate for equality and he is really stepping up right now. He supports the Black Lives Matter movement but also wants it to be more than just a movement. He has said that BLM needs to be a lifestyle and permanent aspect of every American’s everyday life.





Which NBA player inspires you most?

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