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Sunday, Apr 10, 2016
Getty Images
Getty Images


Every year MTV honors the most enjoyable movie moments like “Best Kiss” and fans are allowed to cast votes for their favorites. While that is a blast, the best part of the show every year is that you really NEVER know what’s going to happen.

This year’s ceremony is being hosted by Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. It will definitely be one for the books with Will Smith receiving “The Generation Award.” While dreaming of Sunday night, we’re also reminiscing in the most memorable moments from past MTV Movie Awards.


1.) Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling Make All Our Dreams Come True Reenact Kiss from “The Notebook”




In 2005, these two won the award for “Best Kiss.” The best part of it all was that they were ACTUALLY DATING when they won it. They blessed us all by reenacting the popular kissing scene from the movie. They even had Lindsay Lohan like OMG… check it out!



2.) James Franco & Seth Rogen Fire Up on Stage… We Think

Jaws dropped in 2008 when these two brought what appeared to be a bag of weed on stage. According to MTV, the producers of the show FREAKED out because it wasn’t supposed to happen. Rogen and Franco went as far as lighting a joint on stage. Mark Burnett claims he still doesn’t know if what was on stage was real or if it was just a joke, but he does admit that the whole moment was “great for Pineapple Express.” 





3.) We Were All “The Butt” of Sacha Baron Cohen & Eminem‘s Joke

In 2009, Cohen was dressed in wings and a thong as he flew above the audience at the awards. Viewers at home couldn’t believe when he landed on rapper, Eminem, and basically… well… put his entire butt in Eminem’s face.


The entire world freaked OUT over the entire incident especially after Eminem stormed out of the venue and left the show. However, we learned shortly after that the entire thing was staged. The. entire. thing. Admit it, we were duped.




4.) Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart FINALLY Kissed

Just like Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, KStew and RPatz took the opportunity of accepting the “Best Kiss” award to really pucker up for the world to see. Ohhh, the days of the Twilight saga.

It’s crazy how things have changed



5.) Vin Diesel Sings “See You Again” For Paul Walker

This one still makes us emotional. Just last year at the 2015 ceremony, Vin Diesel took a moment to sing a song for the late Paul Walker. The two obviously worked together for many years and were great friends. So sad.



Will you be watching this year?


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