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Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014

By Vyqué White

Today is the 25th anniversary of the very first episode of The Simpsons. To celebrate the show turned cultural phenom, we’ve got 25 surprising Simpsons facts that you might not already know!

  1. Conan O’Brien was a writer on the show and wrote fan favorite episodes such as the Marge vs the Monorail.
  2. If Bart aged normally, he would be 34, which is how old Marge is supposed to be.
  3. Homer’s e-mail address is No response yet to our message…
  4. Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to lend their voices to the episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” on the condition that Lisa remained a vegetarian throughout the rest of the series.
  5. One of Cletus’ kids is named Crystal Meth.
  6. Guest star Michael Jackson, who was credited under a pseudonym, also co-wrote and produced Bart’s chart topping hit, “Do the Bartman.”
  7. Bart’s first words were “Ay Caramba!”, Lisa’s first word was “Bart” and Maggie’s was “Daddy” – voiced by special guest star Elizabeth Taylor!
  8. Though seldom mentioned on the show, the mascot of Springfield Elementary School is the Puma.
  9. Bart Simpson’s locker combination is 36 24 36, maybe in reference to an “ideal” woman’s measurements? Only if she’s 5’3!
  10. Snake attended Princeton University before becoming a career criminal.
  11. The bully Jimbo’s real name? Corky.
  12. Milhouse’s mother, Luanne Van Houten, was born in the rival town of Shelbyville.
  13. Sideshow Bob and Principle Skinner have both had the prison number 24601. That same prisoner number was Jean Valjean’s in Les Misérables.
  14. Comic Book Guy is based on creator Matt Groening himself: “He’s the way I think I look to other people.”

    Getty Image
    Getty Images
  15. The telephone number at Moe’s Tavern is 764-84377, or SMITHERS.
  16. In the opening credits, the cash register shows $847.63 when Maggie is “scanned. ” This was supposedly the average monthly cost of caring for a baby (food, diapers, etc.) in 1989.
  17. According to Matt Groening, Bart’s middle name is Jo-Jo, and not Jebediah as previously believed.
  18. All the characters are yellow because Matt Groening believed it would get the attention of channel hoppers.
  19. However, Smithers first appeared as black. In his subsequent appearances he was made yellow.
  20. If you piece together the McBain clips from episodes in Seasons 1-3, they actually add up to a pretty cohesive movie. This is supposedly by accident.
  21. Springfield’s Zip code is 80085, and Moe has said that he moved to Springfield because the Zip Code spells the word “BOOBS”. The US Postal Service website reports that there is no Zip Code 80085.
  22. When South Park aired its episode hating on Family Guy, the cast of The Simpsons sent creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker flowers.
  23. Marge appeared in Playboy magazine for the show’s 20th anniversary. Inside, there is a shot of her in a very see-through nightie… which you cannot unsee.
  24. Writers killed Maude Flanders after voice actress Maggie Roswell left the show.  Roswell has since returned, but no resurrection for Maude so far.
  25. The Simpsons is the first and only animated series so far to be nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy!

Did we miss any fun facts? What’s your favorite episode or character?

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