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TONIGHT: Snoop Dogg discusses his Gayle King rant on Red Table Talk and did Jimmy Fallon give Michael Jordan a smooch?! 
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Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Snapchat has undoubtedly taken over social media. While it used to simply be a form of sending funny pictures to your friends, it has now turned into a platform allowing celebrities to document nearly every aspect of their days for followers.

So who exactly should you follow? Well, we’ve compiled a list just to let you know.

Happy Snapping!


1.) Kylie Jenner

Let’s be real. You can NOT discuss Snapchat without talking about “King Kylie.” How has mama Kris Jenner not gotten her an endorsement deal with them yet?

Follow her: Kylizzlemynizzl




2.) Justin Bieber

Because he’s the Biebs, obviously.

Follow him: RickTheSizzler


Getty Images
Getty Images



3.) Rihanna

Is that her own line of weed products in all those pictures?

Follow her: Rihanna


Getty Images
Getty Images



4.) Gigi Hadid

Who doesn’t want to see the constant glam that is Gigi, all day, every day? Yes please.

Follow her: DoubleGiForce


Getty Images
Getty Images



5.) Calvin Harris 

Will we catch a snap of him and T. Swift on a date?

Follow him to see: CalvinHarris


Getty Images
Getty Images



6.) Jason DeRulo

The “Riding Solo” singer is doing just that, riding solo. Check out his single-guy ventures.

Follow him: Derulo_Jason


Getty Images
Getty Images



7.) LaLa Anthony

Because this girl is FLAWLESS. And she’s BFF’s with Kim Kardashian, the selfie queen. You know Lala will be snapping for the Gods.

Follow her: TheLalaAnthony


Getty Images
Getty Images



8.) Ryan Seacrest

This one is obvious. No one has more celebrity friends than Ryan Seacrest.

See who he hangs out with: RyanSeacrest


Getty Images
Getty Images



9.) Miley Cyrus 

You never know what you’re gonna get with this one…

Proceed with Caution: MileyCyrus


Getty Images
Getty Images



10.) Snoop Dogg

Let’s be real? Who’s cooler than Snoop? No one.

Follow Him: SnoopDogg213


Getty Images
Getty Images




11.) Surprise! There’s one more… US! That’s right, Dish Nation is on Snapchat now!

SNAP YA LATER: DishNationNow



CELEBRITY RELATIONSHIP INDEX: Kylie and Tyga Back Together Despite Rumors!


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