We Reveal A Monster Plot Twist For Jurassic World Sequel

July 21, 2016
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Fans awaiting the sequel for Chris Pratt‘s Jurassic World should get ready for the craziest plot twist ever!
​The new movie will see some of the dinosaurs “speak” to humans and also learn how to fire guns.

Producers are gunning for a long term plan of a world similar to The Planet Of The Apes where dinosaurs rule humans in an apocalyptic world… Although that may be three sequels away​!

Chris Pratt Negotiating A Doubled Salary For Next ‘Jurassic World’ Movie

Universal Studios are building up a franchise for the movie, which was an astonishing success last summer. It made almost $1.7 billion worldwide at movie theaters and prompted development executives to lay down long plans for the project. They have succeeded in turning the Fast And Furious concept into an enormous commercial success.

​A source in LA said:

“​The team at Universal feel that this rebooted Jurassic Park concept can really take things to a new level.”
“The development team feel that a great way for the dinosaurs to be an even greater threat to the humans is for their intelligence to increase. At this stage, their plan to work on a plot where the raptors can converse with Chris’ character Owen. But while their intelligence levels are high, they are still stuck in the mindset of a little children.”

​”Coupled with that the military have also developed ideas for the killers to have weapons automatically fitted to their arms. But like all things the ploy will go wrong and once again Owen will have to save the ​world.”

The source added:”These plans are being developed for the sequels as they work on wowing fans following the first film’s success. Their track record is amazing given what they did with Fast And Furious.”


Currently Universal are staying secret about the sequel, which is about two years away. However former Parks And Recreation star Chris has a contract lined up for at least three films.


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