January 28, 2017

A family was enjoying a nice boat tour when their boat got a new passenger onboard… an alligator!

You have to see it to believe it:


The boat tour took place in Florida offering a view of the Florida Everglades. The boat got stuck on the bank right next to where an alligator was soaking up the sun.

You can hear the tour guide say…

“I’m going to have to ease down and push my way off of this bank to get away from this dude. You can reach out and slap him, can’t you?”

Um, no thanks!

It was the perfect time for a photo-op so a man decided to Facebook Live what was happening. Well, the gator decided it was his time to shine and hopped on the boat. Thankfully, he ended up hopping off shortly after.

The man who filmed the Facebook Live video’s name is Tylor Hindery. His wife, Emerald, said the following about the incident:

“We couldn’t believe it was really happening, everyone was scrambling around and trying to get to the back. I stayed in my seat for a half second, then Tylor grabbed me and I somehow ended up in the driver’s seat… It happened too fast to be scary until after it was over”

Thankfully, no one was hurt. So much for a relaxing boat tour…

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