June 28, 2018
Tracy Morgan
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Tracy Morgan has written an empowering and emotional letter to his younger self as part of CBS This Morning‘s “Note to Self” series.

The 49-year-old Saturday Night Live vet started out by recounting his tough childhood dealing with his father’s drug addiction.

“I know you’re scared right now and that’s alright. Your dad just left and he was your protector. You’re going to be mad at him for a long time, but try to remember he was a good man. He went away and fought for his country, but came back hooked on heroin. Your mom couldn’t have him in the house. She had five kids to raise and she couldn’t raise them around a drug addict. It’s going to be hard, but you’re going to make it.”

Morgan gives his ex-wife Sabina Morgan props for being the one who encouraged him to go for his comedy dreams.

They’re going to think you’re crazy when you move in with your girlfriend named Sabina and her two sons when you’re 22 and jobless. This woman, she’s gonna be the one that’s going to become your wife and gonna be the one to encourage you to get on stage and be funny. She’s gonna say, “I know you funny boy, pull the trigger.”

After rising to the top, the 49-year-old details his own substance abuse issues, divorce and the horrific 2014 car accident which almost ended his life.

 The only thing that can stop you little boy, is the same thing that stopped your dad – drugs and alcohol. It’ll cost you your marriage. You’ll lose a good woman but not your life. You’ll sober up and you’ll still be funny. Nothing’s gonna stop you, not even a Walmart truck. You may not know it now, but you’re strong, man. You’re strong. You’ll have a lot of things going for you. Second chance at love and life.

Now in the midst of a stellar comeback, the comedian has proven to be an inspiration to us all.

Morgan – who remarried in 2015 – currently stars alongside Tiffany Haddish on the TBS sitcom The Last OG.

Tracy Morgan Makes Triumphant Return to Saturday Night Live

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