July 5, 2018

Tiffany haddish

Tiffany Haddish is not here for your horror movie casting.

The Girls Trip star has revealed why she turned down a starring role in Jordan Peele‘s mega hit Get Out.

“I was like, ‘Aw man. Look, I don’t do scary movies, dog,” Haddish said when Peele approached her to audition for a role in the horror movie. “I don’t do that. You know, that’s demonized kind of stuff. I don’t let that in my house.”

Even though Peele told her there were no demons involved, the comedic actress wasn’t having any of it.

“That’s a white man trying to take people’s souls out their body and opening up brains,” she continued. “That sounds like some demon stuff to me.”

Do you wish Tiffany had been in Get Out?

I am so excited about this movie. It is truly a full circle moment for me. To be co-staring in a movie with @kevinhart4real just Proves to me that God is real. Back in 2005 Kevin and I were costars in a sketch Comedy Show at a comedy club in LA. I was homeless as hell, and I didn’t want anyone to know. Kevin noticed a bunch of things in my car and actually took the time to talk to me. He Gave me $300 and told me to get a hotel for a week. ( mind you that is impossible in Los Angeles y’all) He also told me to write out a list of Goals, get my shit together and start working toward those Goals. I did just that and over the years Kevin has always been the Big little Brother I never had. Thank you Kevin for always being willing to teach me and letting me know when I was making mistakes. You are a Comedy Angel. Now when I am In Forbes Magazine as one of the highest paid actresses in the world I will pay you that $300 Back. That is just one of the many things on my list of goals I have yet to Accomplish. So check out #nightschool y’all where I get to be The teacher.

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