May 19, 2017
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By Jon Boon in LA

Pop superstar Taylor Swift may boast the biggest squad in show business, but her once tight-knit group of close friends is unsettled.

And insiders say that a repeat of her famous Independence Day celebration is “50/50.”

Last year her squad was in full effect as they enjoyed a July 4 break at her Rhode Island home, with photos famously showing Taylor, then boyfriend Tom Hiddleston and a bunch of gal pals lapping up the sun over the holiday.

However insiders say that the squad is in a “state of flux” after a year of dramas and a July 4 reunion is not in the cards….yet. Even though reports have linked Taylor to British actor Joe Alwyn, her aides insist that she is “not in a serious relationship” or ready to go public with a guy she has “just hung out with.”


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Currently BFF Selena Gomez and Taylor are keeping things on the down low after she ended up dating The Weeknd – just days after he ended his relationship with their pal, model Bella Hadid.

Gigi Hadid is “head over heels” in love with British pop singer Zayn Malik, and has taken time off squad love to focus on her relationship. To complicate matters Zayn is dealing with his own issues, working hard to overcome public nerves in large crowds.

Actress Zendaya Coleman too has been “estranged” after wading into Taylor’s fight with Kanye West, seemingly supporting the rapper in their argument over his song “Famous.” Also Taylor’s male bestie Ed Sheeran is in the USA on tour, but has to jet to Canada for his July 7 show. And actress Ruby Rose and Haley Gusman are now split up.

A business associate of the stars admitted:

“In the space of a year Taylor’s cosy squad has been rocked by issues and break-ups. Obviously Tom is long gone from the scene, so he will not be there. This new British guy Joe has been brought up to the wider crowd of friends, and Taylor insists she is not in a serious full blown relationship. She has kept this new guy under wraps, and is not in a place to go public yet. For the squad, the drama of Selena falling in love with The Weeknd so close after Bella’s heartbreak is a sore point. There is a no win scenario in that love triangle as Taylor cannot really play favorites. There would definitely be some fur flying if any of those girls turned up and inconceivable at this raw stage for The Weeknd to be there. Zendaya supporting Kanye raised eyebrows among us, so she is a no-no and Ed has a busy schedule, so just what he will do is not set in stone either. Ruby and Haley were loved by all the gang, so it would be tough picking favorites. All in all it means that July 4 plans are a little more low key at this moment. Taylor knows that she still has a huge group of friends, but they are not the tight squad the public once saw. IT really is in transition. ” 

On Wednesday The UK Sun claimed that Taylor had been secretly dating Joe, 26, who has not enjoyed any major film roles yet. He’s another Brit romantic interest following Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, and Hiddleston.



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