November 21, 2017
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By Emma Patterson

​Taylor Swift is heading out on the road next year​,​ but don’t think ​for a moment ​that her love life is going to take a hit.

The “Ready For It” singer is planning to lock in ‘date breaks’ with ​actor boyfriendJoe Alwyn during her shows, so that she doesn’t crumble from the long distance relationship​.

The couple are​ ​growing closer by the day, and in an ideal world, Taylor would like ​Joe to drop ​everything to join her as she travels around the globe.

​However, rising star Joe​ is in talks for a series of films​, which means Taylor will hav​e​ to compromise​.

Last night an insider close to Taylor said:

“Things are going well for Taylor and Joe at the moment. They have managed to keep their own world and intimate relationship locked away from the public, and the tour will not impact that intimacy. Taylor admits she feels like the “most loved woman in the world” around Joe, and ideally would want him with her on the tour. But realistically that is not viable, so instead they are lining up “date breaks.” Taylor and Joe are committing to traveling to each other’s sides to enjoy concentrated breaks together to keep their romance blossoming. Their careers are both important, so they understand that short or long term there will be give and take. Obviously Taylor has experienced that with her past A-list relationships, but this feels like a whole new level.”

The pair have grown from friends into lovers in the last 12 months. Both have made time to be at each other’s sides to cope with their business schedules.

Joe flew to LA for Taylor, while she has enjoyed trips to London and Atlanta to fit in with his filming schedules.

Taylor’s new album Reputation is centred around their love with tunes like “Gorgeous.”

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While Taylor’s friends and associates say they have never seen her happier, a UK business connection of Joe says that fans shouldn’t start wondering ​if he’ll pop the question.

One London based associate of Joe’s said:

“There are some in his camp, who have concerns about this relationship. It is no secret that Taylor likes to call the shots i​n​ relationships​ and they are currently in the honeymoon period. But as Joe’s career grows, there may be some clashes and that could mean trouble in paradise.”

Taylor announced the initial dates of her Reputation world tour, which is slated to begin May 8, 2018 in Arizona​. More dates will be announced in the next few weeks.​

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