May 12, 2017
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By Jon Boon for Dish Nation

This is going to shock millions of people around the world – Taylor Swift is shying away from recording tunes about her love life.

In fact the “Shake It Off” singer, has shaken off the bug for writing about her love life, to focus on the state of the country.

Music sources say Swift is recording material assessing her feelings on the way President Donald Trump is dealing with America.

It is a huge step away from her tried and tested formulas on her past albums. T-Swizzle has made a career out of washing her dirty linen in public, often belittling her exes in songs. 

And this time the 27-year-old has plenty of former lovers to assess in song including Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris.

But an LA insider says that Swift is working on “broader material.”

The source revealed:

“Times are changing for Taylor. The focus of her songwriting is not about addressing the truth about her former boyfriends, but instead attacking the political landscape, and in particular, Donald Trump. She feels that the subject of what is happening to her country is such a huge issue among her friends that these matters need to be addressed. Taylor has always been brilliant at setting agendas in her music and tapping into what her fans care about. Her views could really ignite the younger generations into taking a greater look at their government.”

The source added: “Of course Taylor will write tunes about her emotions and touch on love, but this new direction is dominating her thought process at the moment.”

The Grammy winner has built a name on writing clever and quippy tunes about her failed loves.

In the past, she has allegedly written about Harry Styles, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner.

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The US chart-topper famously says that she never got overcome by fame – and she thanks a VH1 TV show for stopping her from going off the rails!

The “Blank Space” hitmaker feels that watching the highs and lows of superstar’s careers on the documentary series Behind The Music was the greatest preparation training for her superstardom.

Taylor admitted that she has stayed grounded due to the VH1 series which charted the highs and lows of troubled stars including Sir Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Britney Spears and Vanilla Ice.

She told BBC radio:

“I watch other people and their storylines and their life. I watched a lot of  Behind The Music when I was growing up and I would really notice that the first thing, and the first step of someone’s decline in life and in their career was when they lost their perspective; and they started seeing themselves as being smarter, cooler, bigger or better than everyone else and I always saw that as being the greatest misstep that someone can have in their career. I focused really hard on what is important and what is actually difficult. My job is not that difficult. I think we get really swept up that in thinking because we have a lot of pressure on us our job is hard or in some way it is not the greatest thing that could ever happen to you getting to do this job because it is.”





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