March 3, 2017
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Don’t mess with T-Pain or he’s gonna buy you a seat for you to sit in! The 31-year-old singer just revealed that he and his friends were victims of racial discrimination in a restaurant. What a pain!

While he didn’t mention the name of the restaurant or give specific details, T-Pain went to Twitter to describe the incident. He even added his own subtitles, in case you don’t get it.

“Old white lady walks up to our table and asks ‘are you guys football players?’ (Subtitles: how the f— can y’all n—– afford to eat here).”



One of his followers asked the Bartender singer what he had responded and T-Pain said,:

 “I said no ma’am we’re in the adult entertainment industry.”

Well, he is in love with a stripper!




Take that old lady!


T-Pain & His Wife Made Love To A Costa Rican Stripper!

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