‘Side Dish’ With Rising Star Major Myjah

January 29, 2015



Major Myjah​ is about to blow up in 2015 – and Dish Nation has been treated to a Side Dish with the super talent.

Major Myjah is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician and actor. At only 17, Major has been featured in Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close“ music video, Cobra Starship’s “Middle Finger” music video, Pharrell’s “Happy” Acapella remake with Aanysa and multiple tracks from Asher Roth.

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The guitar wielding, rising star’s gave us his Side Dish as he released ​the​​ ​debut music video “Cry” and debut album set to release Spring 2015. ​Here are his answers!

Q – If you had an elephant, where would you hide it?
A – Why hide the Elephant? I’d sample it’s trumpet and make some dope shit.

Q – What song is the most played on your iPod and which is the most potentially embarrassing?
A – I don’t have an ipod, but if I did, I’d definitely be rocking to Major Myjah … I’m always in a creative space so I spend a lot of time either listening to my own material or creating new ones. I also listen to James Fauntleroy a whole lot. He’s one of the dopest writers of my generation and I’m inspired by his wit and melodies. Mike River, Ma’at, Deion Gil and Arin Ray are the homies. We make dope music together so their music would definitely be in my ipod.

Q – If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?
A – I definitely want to be able to teleport. The world amazes me, so my super power would have to be teleporting so that I can travel the world and share my music with everyone.

Q – If you didn’t need to eat or didn’t need to sleep, which would you choose and why?
A – Funny enough. Our team always says #teamnosleep. because we are literally always on the go, doing our own thing or being creative with others. So If I had a say in it, sleep is the last thing I need. I also love my mom’s cooking waaaay to much to give up eating lol.

Q – What’s your favorite lunch dish and which food do you not like and why?
A – A Hot Homemade turkey sandwich is my favorite lunch dish. Y’all don’t know nothing about that.

Q – How do you relax and how easy do you find it to let go?
A – Like I said before I work a lot. So lately my thing has been horseback riding. We try to ride at least ​every weekend. Even though it gives me a rush, it so relaxing. We sing somewhere along the ride. And just vibe out and really enjoy nature. Sometimes we see cayotes just observing us really. The fun​ ​part of the ride is connecting with the horses and seeing how they interact with each other. There’s always a bully in the pack or that one slow a​** horse keeping us from just taking off. But it’s cool.

Q – If you could be anywhere and with anyone right now, where and who would it be at this very moment?
A – This is an interesting question. If I could be anywhere right now … anywhere at all… I’d have to pick the studio somewhere in the middle of England in the 60’s with Kanye West, The Beatles, and Jimmy Hendri​x. Making​ ​the most creative, influential, and futuristic music possible.

For more on Major Myjah, check out his stream on soundcloud and folllow him on twitter!

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